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  1. Hybrid0NE


    I just realized I made this thread a decade ago thinking this would've happened by 2010 Census. Maybe 2020 will be the "magic" year?
  2. Daytime version of previous picture, with Snow.
  3. Downtown Shot from the Capitol Steps...
  4. Shot this panorama Earlier Today...
  5. Another Shot from the September Night Session...
  6. Videoclip I shot of Apollo's Cascade & Boyd Plaza area.
  7. So, I guess there won't be a Burj Palmetto going up on West Bank, anytime soon.
  8. The State: Buses to roll without fare hike
  9. Save the trophy towers for Charlotte and sprAwLANTA. Columbia will have taller buildings when they are needed. You would be surprised by the number of empty condo towers in the Atlanta area that are almost completely dark at night.
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