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  1. "Plus while GSP's smallness may mean that it won't have all of the things that frequent fliers expect, such as elite-friendly setups at car rental agencies, it also won't have all of the hassles that frequent fliers expect at larger airports. So it's a tradeoff." Fair point but how do we know that GSP isn't planning to implement some of the things expected from frequent flyers? Has anyone asked....that was and is my central point. It's possible that they won't but it's certainly worth asking or pointing out to the appropriate people. "I am from Greenville and my family has been there
  2. If this is how you behave with people you like, then I shudder to think what you're like with someone that you dislike. The threads are full of posts between not just the two of you but several of you snapping at each other like rabid dogs. The drawback to the internet is that the reader doesn't have the ability to discern either tone or intent and can only go by how your words come across. I am far from the only person that has mentioned this or said something about it, so it's not just a perception thing with me alone. As I mentioned in my previous post you both make valid points but it
  3. Perhaps before this turns into yet another "mine is bigger and better than yours" contest between the two of you let's just nip this in the bud and spare us all the pain of unnecessary back and forth that is guaranteed to escalate into something unpleasant. I fly weekly out of GSP and while the state of the rental car situation doesn't effect me personally (I have status with both Hertz and National), I can see how it would be tedious for someone who's coming in from out of town and used to how Hertz is generally laid out. What I haven't seen you post GS3 is whether you actually spoke to one
  4. I am completely sick of all of you. A group of sugared up 3 year olds have better manners and are more well behaved than the group of supposed grown ups posting on this thread. Rather than subjecting everyone to this pointless piss and moan contest I suggest you utilize the little envelope in the upper right corner of this forum and you can be as ridiculous with each other as you so desire without derailing a thread. If you've got a beef with someone (which several of you appear to have with each other) grow a pair and take it offline or out of the thread. I used to enjoy coming to the forum
  5. Oooohh....I wasn't aware of that! Thanks for the update.
  6. Unless they're planning to put a Chipotle on Haywood road there's not one there now. The last time I was in Chipotle, one of the guys that works there said that the new location would be Augusta rd, but it's possible that it could be at a different spot downtown. I mentioned that I had to drive from downtown to Woodruff road and how it would be nice if there was one that was closer and he said that they were putting a new location on Augusta rd.
  7. Given that I live a block from this site she's not the only one who would be pissed if they started blasting at 5am
  8. As one of "these people" who actually lives downtown, I sometimes read these threads and shake my head. To answer your question, yes when I moved into my condo almost 9 years ago I knew that I was going to have to schlep out to Woodruff or Haywood Rd. to go to a store like Walmart or Target, but that doesn't mean that I along with other residents in downtown don't appreciate convenience as much as the next person. My moving downtown had nothing to do with getting away from a big box store or suburbia for that matter and it's fairly simplistic to assume that and I don't think that I should hav
  9. I'm surprised that this hasn't been posted yet, but GSP released the preliminary renderings for the upcoming terminal changes. Here's the link to the WYFF story. GSP Terminal Changes
  10. I didn't say that he lied. I said that he should have be more clear with his little tweets. When coupled with an announcement that included two other store openings, the natural assumption is that D&D was going to be a store opening as well and there was nothing in the tweet to suggest that it wasn't. It's great that he's excited about the announcements, but perhaps he needs to let the communications director handle the tweets from now on.
  11. Speaking for myself personally the only confusion that I had was the "limited version" part of his tweet which was unclear as to whether it referred to Dean & Deluca or if he was referring to Verizon. He tweeted that D&D were coming to greenville, perhaps he should have clarified his tweet. Given that it was picked up by a couple of news channels I would think that it's safe to say that it was unclear to quite a few people.
  12. Bad news I'm afraid. It would appear that our little Mayor tweeted prematurely...:sigh:. We are not getting a Dean & Deluca store, but instead Postcards from Paris downtown will be carrying their products. It's time to revoke his twitter access. Dean & Deluca Correction
  13. The Mayor tweeted today that Trader Joes was coming to Woodruff Rd., that Verizon and Dean & Deluca would be coming to downtown. He also threw in that it was be a limited version, but didn't specify if that referred to Dean & Deluca or Verizon. Here's the link to the article on WYFF. WYFF Article
  14. This seemed to be the most appropriate place for this news. German Automaker ZF Group to invest 350 million in Laurens and hire 900 employees by 2015. ZF currently has a suspension plant in Duncan that employs 150 people. The new plant will manufacture transmissions for various automakers. Here's the link to the state's article about the development. ZF Group investment ETA: Longer article posted on Wyff about investment Wyff ZF Group Announcement
  15. It appears that your wish is going to be granted. GSA sent out a breaking news email about how today's decision has likely killed the incentive bill. “I don’t guess we need it anymore since they are coming without it,” said state Rep. Dan Cooper, R-Piedmont, who chairs the House Ways and Means Committee.
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