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    Moving to Memphis?

    Rhodes College is a top-notch small school with a very beautiful campus. I was dismayed a number of years ago when the college elected to build a large security fence surrounding the entire campus. Read into that decision what you will. The campus is still pretty open, but the fence is a major eyesore, in my opinion. "Sketchy" is perhaps the best way to describe the neighborhoods around Rhodes. I would definitely avoid the areas north of campus (Jackson and north). Check out any areas where you plan to live at different times of both day and night to get a feel for the neighborhood.
  2. 111wall

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    I am pretty certain that the Manning will have its only entrance on Woodmont Blvd. I dont believe there is a rear entry planned from Kenner Ave. The Belle Meade Court condos is at the corner of Kenner Ave & Ridgefield Dr., not Woodmont Blvd.
  3. 111wall

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    I thought the crane in background across Harding Rd. was for the first phase of the Hill Center Belle Meade anchored by a Publix supermarket -- it has only recently begun construction. Not aware of the Shops at St Thomas project, perhaps it has something to do with the planned demolition of the old Imperial House high-rise apt bldg owned by St Thomas. The Manning project entrance is on Woodmont Blvd. Perhaps the Belle Meade Plaza shopping center (Kroger Fresh Fare) will soon be renovated or re-worked to compete with the new stores. Valuable, increasingly dense development is really changing Belle Meade.
  4. 111wall

    Memphis International Airport

    What I meant about MEM not being a 'strong' hub for NWA are the gaps in their service offering from MEM. Major hubs are supposed to have frequent non-stop, or at least 1-stop service, to most all markets, especially by the hub airline. Does not seem to be the case in Memphis. I understand MEM does not have the sufficient origination and destination (O&D) traffic, but is the connecting traffic thru MEM not strong enough to support more flights to more destinations? I checked again and see that Delta serves MEM-SLC via connections in Atlanta or Cincinnati. No non-stops on any airline at this time. How is it that Nashville can have more service to all of Southern California than Memphis? BNA has two daily non-stops to San Diego on Southwest, and has more daily non-stops to the Los Angeles area than is available from Memphis. Southwest has 3 daily non-stops from BNA-LAX; American Airlines has a daily non-stop from BNA-LAX; a Southwest flies a daily non-stop from Nashville to Ontario; plus Southwest has two daily non-stops to San Diego. Hopefully, Southwest will come into the Memphis market and take advantage of some of these gaps. Otherwise, many of will continue to drive to Little Rock or Nashville to take advantage of Southwest's service and lower fares.
  5. 111wall

    Memphis International Airport

    Finally, a non-stop to San Diego...but, only one non-stop flight per day! I've always found it shocking that NWA did not offer non-stop service from MEM to San Diego..... it makes no sense to fly to San Diego via Minneapolis. Also lacking is non-stop service to Salt Lake City and Hartford -- all are important destinations. Currently one has to travel to Salt Lake City via Minneapolis, and to Hartford via Indianapolis. Anyway you look at it, MEM is not a strong hub for Northwest. Memphis will likely have more service, and lower fares, when NWA vanishes and other carriers like Southwest finally begin some flights to MEM.
  6. 111wall

    Memphis International Airport

    An great example of the "Southwest Effect"........When American Airlines closed their hub in Nashville, Southwest Airlines stepped in an significantly increased its service. Today, Southwest offers more nonstop flights to major cities than American ever did at BNA and took over most of the AA Concourse at BNA. Nashville today has much better service and cheaper air fares. Southwest took over most of the AA Concourse and uses BNA has a focus city, with nonstops to most of its entire network. Many people today will drive to Little Rock (far fewer flights) or Nashville to fly Southwest. Memphis travelers will certainly benefit if NW exits and Southwest enters the market although it is unlikely MEM will have the amount of SW service offered at BNA. Maybe MEM would finally get a nonstop flight to San Diego.
  7. 111wall

    Signature Tower

    Today's edition of the CITY PAPER included a large color print image ad of the Signature Tower draped in a red bow. The theme was along the line.... "for someone who has been very good this year"... Can this type of holiday season advertising really be effective in selling high-end condos to the readers of the CITY PAPER, or other publications? ... .or is it an attempt by Giarratana Development to show continued commitment to the project to an increasingly skeptical community?