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  1. I am pretty certain that the Manning will have its only entrance on Woodmont Blvd. I dont believe there is a rear entry planned from Kenner Ave. The Belle Meade Court condos is at the corner of Kenner Ave & Ridgefield Dr., not Woodmont Blvd.
  2. I thought the crane in background across Harding Rd. was for the first phase of the Hill Center Belle Meade anchored by a Publix supermarket -- it has only recently begun construction. Not aware of the Shops at St Thomas project, perhaps it has something to do with the planned demolition of the old Imperial House high-rise apt bldg owned by St Thomas. The Manning project entrance is on Woodmont Blvd. Perhaps the Belle Meade Plaza shopping center (Kroger Fresh Fare) will soon be renovated or re-worked to compete with the new stores. Valuable, increasingly dense development is rea
  3. Today's edition of the CITY PAPER included a large color print image ad of the Signature Tower draped in a red bow. The theme was along the line.... "for someone who has been very good this year"... Can this type of holiday season advertising really be effective in selling high-end condos to the readers of the CITY PAPER, or other publications? ... .or is it an attempt by Giarratana Development to show continued commitment to the project to an increasingly skeptical community?
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