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  1. The latest installment in the pedestrian and cyclist "safety" campaign: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article174184941.html Pedestrian warning citation numbers were lower this time than during previous crackdowns: 63, vs 100 (Aug 16) and 140 (Dec 16). On the other hand, they did at least write three tickets to drivers who failed to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.
  2. The Bad News Report

    We need this. And also a Houston-style breakfast taco joint.
  3. Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    A little before my time in the neighborhood, but I understand that someone started buying and demolishing houses on that block in 2007. So I will applaud their willingness to step up, take over, and build. Even if it was an actual FedEx distribution center. Wouldn't we all love to watch the rezoning for a FedEx distribution center in Elizabeth?
  4. Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    CBJ article about the Randolph at Dotger apartments discussed last week: https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2017/09/15/charlotte-development-firm-breaks-ground-on.html
  5. Good point, go_vertical. I have always thought of myself as a very reliable voter, but looking back at my voting history I can see that I did not vote in a single Charlotte odd-year primary (like the one we just had) until I was 36. I would have been here for 8 years by then, and while it is possible that there were 4 straight elections where none of the people I could have voted for in a primary were opposed, I don't think that is likely. Instead, that is about the time I started to notice how various zoning decisions, etc, by the city council affected me personally. EDIT: 150 posts in just under 10 years!
  6. Charlotte Parks - the big picture...

    I am not aware of anything "better", but then I am not sure what "better" would look like. These sorts of city ranking schemes are all terrible in their own special ways. Even if they had not mixed city and county stats both years, I would be no more impressed with the approach. They are deciding what is important for their system, but why do they get to decide? Counting basketball hoops and dog parks, but not tennis courts and walking trails? Ignoring unofficial parks (the playground at Eastover Elem, the subdivision common areas)? There's something magic about living within 10 minute (1/2 mile) walk of an official public park, and that's called 'access'? This reminds me of that "fittest city" ranking list that used donut shops per capita as a metric.
  7. Charlotte Parks - the big picture...

    This is even sloppier than last year. My comment on their last index follows below. They managed to fix the city population (862,032 is at least reasonable). But they are still counting total land area for the entire county. And now, it looks like they took away 7,300 acres of parks from their calculations. In 2016, they gave us 21,293, which is close to what Mecklenburg County reports. This year, it's 13,990. I assume that the difference is Mecklenburg County run parks outside of the Charlotte city limits. So this year, park area as a pct of city area is 4.0%. Last year, it was 6.4%.
  8. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    I am really quite frightened by the thought of another 3 million people in our little metro. How about we grow just enough to get that MLB team, then cut it off there? But since people will still move here, I think that a big part of the solution is to continue to work to make Charlotte a city that people want to live IN, and not just near. Roads and transit affect that, for sure. But perceptions of schools, crime/public safety, government, amenities, housing options / affordability, and so forth are very important too. I think the city of Charlotte does pretty well -- actually, I cannot think of many cities our size that do better -- but certainly would agree that we have room for improvement across the board. (And if you're still with me, there's a primary next week.) Circling back to transportation, unless the outlying suburbs put the brakes on new development, sprawl is going to happen with or without our encouragement. I think the filter with respect to transportation projects is whether there's an overwhelming benefit to people who live in the city. Imagine, for example, some hypothetical project to improve throughput on Providence Road from 485 to downtown. That might induce more traffic from Weddington, but plenty more people in Charlotte would benefit. On the other hand, an expressway through Union County that dumps a ton of new traffic onto Providence at 485 would not be such a good idea.
  9. Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    I found this. Looks like 8 town homes off of Vail, plus 46 apartments on Randolph (3 stories over parking). That land was R-22MF, so no rezoning was required.
  10. Charlotte Supermarkets

    Seriously. I can't even calculate what that's costing me every week.
  11. The Good News Report

    ^ looking at it in the other direction, if Tampa were to move, would the Marlins have to pay for exclusive rights to north and west Florida? Also, I'm wondering if value of the rights to Charlotte for Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington and Cincinnati would be lower than normal because no team has the city to itself. If it's not clear, I have absolutely no idea how this would work, but find it very interesting for some reason.
  12. NC Civil Rights

    HB2 repeal passed the house and is on the way to the governor.
  13. Let's go with hmmm: August 2016: 100 pedestrians given warning tickets for violating crosswalk laws at uptown intersection December 2016: Uptown drivers, pedestrians warned for ignoring crosswalk laws (not in the headline, but 140 pedestrians were given warning tickets)
  14. I'm not sure that's fair. They have done some high profile crackdowns on pedestrians jaywalking.
  15. This might get you the answer you're looking for if you can hand-draw the 1970 boundary (draw freehand shape). https://www.populationexplorer.com/