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  1. Myers Park / Eastover Projects

    The article mentions 3.4 acres, but by my measurement the Novant lot looks closer to 2.0. That, plus the rendering, suggests to me that they are looking at taking out the small shopping center on 4th. I would be very sad to lose 88 China Bistro, but otherwise thrilled to see this one built. Edit: the Business Journal article was more clear on this than the Observer. It would include the shopping center and the Novant rehab place.
  2. Myers Park / Eastover Projects

    Thank you for confirming my suspicions about the spelling. I had never heard it referred to as anything other than Myers Park Park, so yesterday the tree site sent me off to try to figure out who Steven was.
  3. Myers Park / Eastover Projects

    And another two dozen going up behind the library.
  4. Amazon HQ2

    I would do it, and would not consider it wasted resources. I would count it as a marketing investment. People do like to feel special, and I think the payoff for my plan is highest in cities that actually have the lowest odds of landing the headquarters. And it would not be that expensive of an investment. Give me 18 people (6 teams of 3) and a couple of planes, and we could knock out the full list in less than 2 weeks.
  5. Amazon HQ2

    If it were my operation, every video is watched. And then, one of my small teams of people with important sounding titles visits every applicant city for a couple of hours to meet the mayor, city council, chamber of commerce, and visit the city's top site proposal. And then, for all but the handful or finalists, Jeff Bezos sends a short customized video to the city: "Hey there [city name]! I wanted to personally thank you for expressing interest in our new HQ2. I can tell that you really put your heart and soul in to your application. We were so impressed, and really enjoyed the [unique, funny, etc] video where you [________]. Our site selection team thought your city was amazing, and still can't stop talking about how much they loved the [local specialty] they ate at [local cafe name]. We're about to announce the list of finalists for HQ2, and I wanted you to hear from me personally that while [city name] did not quite make the list, we still love [city name]! We love you so much that we're giving everyone in [city name] a free month of Amazon Prime AND a $5 [Prime Pantry, video, or digital music] credit. Thanks again, [city name]. I look forward to stopping by for a visit next time I am in [state name]"
  6. ^^^ he's not saying that no one lives in Myers Park, South End, etc. Using the City Sector Model Criteria chart, those neighborhoods would be classified as "Earlier Suburbs". From that same chart, we (and several other cities), either have no CBD, or no one lives in it. Which begs the obvious question: using their approach, where do the people who live in our actual CBD actually live? I'm guessing that they have classified uptown as "Later Suburb".
  7. The Bad News Report

    That's a bummer. I thought that if they could hang on anywhere, it would be Davidson. It seems like they have been at that location forever. Maybe at least the Central Ave shop will get a boost now that it's flanked by both a 5 Guys and the new ABC store.
  8. ^That sounds terrible. And it has me wondering if turning Independence into an expressway might have been a good thing for those neighborhoods in the long run.
  9. Thanks for explaining that. Do you know, prior to this, if the side streets in Elizabeth (ex. Oakland, Lamar) and Chantilly (St Julien, Hanover) also connected to Independence?
  10. I still have not been able to figure out the orientation of the photo, but that looks plausible
  11. Photo of a Krispy Kreme at Hawthorne and Independence (scroll down, third photo on the page): http://retroclt.blogspot.com/2014/04/indy-flashback.html I cannot even imagine how it's possible, but the caption says 1994.
  12. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Agree with everyone's responses, for sure. There are plenty of people who want to live downtown, and no doubt the developers will continue to build for them. But there are so many others who want to live near downtown, just not in it. The incredible thing about Charlotte and the neighborhoods that were mentioned is that that they are amazingly close to downtown, and very nice, and walkable, and safe (mostly), and they all have their own unique vibes. I don't travel enough that I can recall any other city with such a substantial business district so closely surrounded by such a great set of neighborhoods. I do worry about a few spots here and there, that the character of the place might change in ways that suck the soul out of them. But that will not be because of anything happening inside 277. On the other hand, I am comforted by the fact that there are so many up and coming neighborhoods that are starting to see interest because the re-established neighborhoods are so growing popular.
  13. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    I'm a huge fan of these sorts of city rankings lists built on proprietary data and vaguely described statistics based indices. This one is truly a work of art. I enjoyed the Citizen-Times report, but it did make me wonder if they think they invented the bacon maple pastry over there. Duck Donuts, anyone? Do they know that's a chain? We have one in Dilworth.
  14. Amazon HQ2

    Thanks, that's a relief. Was suddenly having flashbacks of The Park.
  15. Amazon HQ2

    Do you think we will at least get everything that is under construction now finished?