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  1. ^ looking at it in the other direction, if Tampa were to move, would the Marlins have to pay for exclusive rights to north and west Florida? Also, I'm wondering if value of the rights to Charlotte for Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington and Cincinnati would be lower than normal because no team has the city to itself. If it's not clear, I have absolutely no idea how this would work, but find it very interesting for some reason.
  2. HB2 repeal passed the house and is on the way to the governor.
  3. Let's go with hmmm: August 2016: 100 pedestrians given warning tickets for violating crosswalk laws at uptown intersection December 2016: Uptown drivers, pedestrians warned for ignoring crosswalk laws (not in the headline, but 140 pedestrians were given warning tickets)
  4. I'm not sure that's fair. They have done some high profile crackdowns on pedestrians jaywalking.
  5. This might get you the answer you're looking for if you can hand-draw the 1970 boundary (draw freehand shape). https://www.populationexplorer.com/
  6. For a long time. Even before the new stadium MetLife was built recently, the Jets and Giants both played at Giants Stadium.
  7. Potty McCrory is too smart to fall for that. He knows that every vote he picked up would be offset by 10 that he would lose. Dug that latrine a little to deep to climb out of now.
  8. Could NCAA events relocate to Greenville? http://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/sports/college/2016/09/13/ncaa-north-carolina-hb2-relocate/90305218/ I hate to see Greensboro suffer (or Cary, etc), but since that ship has sailed, might as well dock in S.C.
  9. Cool, for sure, but not such a new idea. The rooms in the Hilton Placio del Rio in San Antonio were entirely pre-built, and even pre-furnished, carpeted, with the TV installed, and crane lifted into place. 1968. The video linked into the references is actually kind of cool: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilton_Palacio_del_Rio
  10. No disagreement here, but still I have to admire the ambition of anyone who would try to build anything at that specific location.
  11. Really glad no one was hurt. I've lost count of the number of times something very similar happened to me at that intersection. The last time, the person flipped us off before driving away. I'm reminded of that every time I start to miss living over there. We have a 20-ish second delay at Cherokee and Providence and it makes a huge difference. Good luck with the campaign.
  12. From the report, endnote #3. The definition of “metropolitan area” is based on the metropolitan area definitions in use by the Metropolitan Planning Organization pertaining to each metro. Exceptions include: Boston (MPAC region, plus Massachusetts towns served by the MBTA); Miami (BMPO, MDMPO, and PBMPO); New York City (Regional Plan Association region); Philadelphia (DVRPC region, less Mercer County, NJ, assigned to New York City region); Portland (Metro and RTC). Metropolitan definitions as used in this report will differ from U.S. Census definitions for Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). Wild guess: they include only Mecklenburg, Iredell, and Union counties, which is covered by CRTPO, which used to be MUMPO. That's about 1.3 million.
  13. I looked at this yesterday: http://parkscore.tpl.org/city.php?city=Charlotte It immediately jumped out at me that they have Charlotte Population at 999,426, and land area 332,295 acres. So they're really talking about Mecklenburg County, right? But if you look at their little map, they are generally not counting parks outside Charlotte. Just Mecklenburg County parks? Did they not know that the other municipalities own their own parks? When you look at the page for Raleigh, you'll see that they do not count Wake County outside of Raleigh.
  14. I was too giddy with excitement to think to take a photo, but I was down that way twice today and I swear that they've got a complete crane set up.
  15. Very interesting history there. I appreciate the link to the landmarks commission survey. Search down to "The fundamental consequences" for info about what the commission says it can do about these sorts of things: http://www.cmhpf.org/Policy Guidelines Manual.htm.