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  1. Southwest just released their schedule changes for March/April 2013 and Richmond was not announced as being converted at that time. Branson, Missouri was the only city converting from AirTran to Southwest in that schedule. Looks like we will have to wait until at least next Summer before anything changes for RIC. Not that it will make anybody feel any better, but we are not alone with waiting to be converted to Southwest. The following cities are still only AirTran: Rochester, Flint, Portland (ME), Charlotte, Memphis, Pensacola, San Juan, Wichita, and Grand Rapids
  2. Yes Burt, it is near where Capital One is. But, I have a friend who works for Capital One who said that this isn't where the building were going to be going. He could always be wrong, but that's why I checking to see if anybody knew of something different.
  3. I was driving south on 288 and noticed they have cleared a huge amount of land on the right before you hit the Tuckahoe Creek Parkway exit. You can now clearly see the CarMax parking garage from 288 which you couldn't before. Anybody have any idea what is being planned for there?
  4. I'm a big airplane geek and purposely book flights so I can try out new routes and aircraft. But you have to admit that the plane to Toronto is awfully small and can be uncomfortable for that long of a flight. It's a similar deal with the non-stop to Houston. That's almost a 3 hour flight on a 50-seater. While I don't hold out much hope that Toronto will get upgraded to a bigger plane, I think that Houston will at least get upgraded to a larger regional jet (CRJ-700) at some point especially if Southwest starts a flight from Richmond to Houston.
  5. Yes, I'm still paying tolls by taking the Powhite and Downtown Expressway. Honestly, I don't pay much attention to tolls in Richmond. I use my SmartTag and just go on through. It's just part of getting around town. I don't go out of my way to avoid them.
  6. Burt, you're right, I do live in Midlothian and travel 2-3 times a month. I live in Salisbury which is off of Robious Rd (halfway between Huguenot and Rt. 288). While techically on the "Southside" I am on the northern part of Chesterfield County. I typically take Robious to Huguenot to Chippenham to the Powhite/Downtown Expressway to 64 East. When I am on the very early flights this route only takes about 30 minutes. Later in the day when I know I'll have to deal with traffic I give myself 45 minutes to make the trip on the same route. Unfortunately, there really isn't a very good way to
  7. I live 5 minutes away from the Martin's at Sycamore Square. It is very small and as a result does not carry the same selection of items that you can get at the much larger store at CTC or at the large Kroger just down the street on Midlo Tnpk. I have always thought that they needed to replace the one at Sycamore Square with a larger store nearby, but I also thought that this store would have gone into Westchester Commons. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...
  8. Yes, it is very small plane that goes to Toronto. I guess having the service with such a small plane is better than not having the service at all. I've actually been on something similar or possibly smaller on Cape Air up in Maine. You get weighed as you get on the plane so they know exactly how much the "cargo" weighs and if you're lucky you can actually sit in the co-pilot seat!
  9. I was at the airport this past week flying in/out of the B concourse and I noticed that United has consolidated their operations so that they now use gates B1-B4 instead of having things split from there and further down the concourse near Delta. Continental was using a couple of gates in the B1-B4 area so it made sense to move the United gates up there as well as there was no room to move the Continental gates down to United. With this move, I can easily envision a good area for Southwest/AirTran to move into if they decide to grow the number of flights out of RIC. I could see JetBlue
  10. Like Burt said above, everything is pure speculation. Here's my guess: ATL BWI (short flight, but if they want to capture connections to the northeast and Ohio valley area, they'll want to fly there) Chicago Houston Orlando Nashville I also wouldn't be surprised to a see a couple of flights to a city like Denver, Phoenix or even Las Vegas. We would probably only see 1 of those though.
  11. The rumors that I've been hearing is that it will be Spirit Airlines which will start service to Newport News. Guess we'll just have to wait and see...
  12. US Airways and Delta finalized their slot-swap agreement for Washington Reagan (DCA) and LaGuardia (LGA). US Air is giving a bunch of LGA slots to Delta and Delta is giving US Air a bunch of DCA slots. The first changes to the schedules are starting to appear online. Delta is restarting RIC-LGA service beginning Sun. 3/25/2012. Looks like 5 flights a day on 50-seat regional jets (4x ERJ and 1x CRJ). Because of these additions, Delta is reducing its RIC-JFK flights from 5 to 3 times a day (all 50-seat CRJs) starting on 3/25/2012. US Air hasn't updated their schedules yet, but I woul
  13. You're right that Allegiant doesn't serve RIC, but they do serve Newport News. It was probably a diversion due to the weather.
  14. Just thought I would report back on how my flights were this past weekend to Orlando. I took JetBlue nonstop on Friday afternoon. The flight was completely full and was uneventful. 30+ channels of DirecTV was nice to have. I only paid $99 for this flight, so while the flight was full I don't know whether it was a "profitable" flight for JetBlue. Yesterday evening I took the nonstop AirTran flight back. This flight was also 100% full and they were looking for 5 volunteers to fly back today. I only paid $109 initially for this flight but did pay $49 to upgrade to Business Class at ch
  15. I'll be doing my part to support the low-cost carriers in Richmond at the end of October. Booked RIC-Orlando on JetBlue and Orlando-RIC on AirTran. I almost always fly Delta, but the opportunity to fly nonstop (and at the same price as Delta would have charged me to make a connection) more than makes up for no free first class upgrades and the chance of getting delayed in Atlanta!
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