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  1. The Dash Downtown Ballpark

    This is becoming a disaster, way over budget, late, and now a stupid mascot.
  2. The Dash Downtown Ballpark

    Dissapointing, looks more surburban than I originally envisioned. Too far from the downtown core.
  3. The Dash Downtown Ballpark

    Ahhh, much better. I like it.
  4. The Dash Downtown Ballpark

    I think the ballpark is a good use for a former down trodden area, however I wish the site was more urban. Seems a little too surburban in design when compared to Greensboro, and Durham ballparks. Not bad, but not a homerun.
  5. Downtown Greensboro Developments

    Grey's Tavern is good, nice location good food and drink. however Rum Runners is in trouble, IRS has padlocked the doors once already, I doubt it will be around this time next year.
  6. Friendly Center & The Shops at Friendly

    The new Apple store is supposed to go in the new strip that fronts friendly ave. beside the new BB&T building.
  7. Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)

    Just relaying the opinion of my wife, she says the members on this board remind her of the nerds on the Alltell commercial, especially when they threaten to ban people. All I am saying is that there are bigger problems in this area than worrying about an airport code. Poor public schools, slow job creation, increasing crime,...ect
  8. Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)

    Hmmm... you guys really are nerds. Save the whales or something, screw the airport codes.
  9. Hanes Mall

    Not a fan of Hames mall, the tenet mix is good, but the remodel already looks dated. I still think they could have come up with a better solution than having to travel through JC Penney to get to the other half. I think Crabtree Valley in Raleigh is the best example of a good remodel.
  10. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    Enough of this my secret source bull sh**. Robbie Perkins says that this was never a project, never had legs, and could not believe that the N&R even reported it as such. Citiboi, find me a source more in the know than Robbie Perkins, then I will shut up.
  11. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but this project is D-E-A-D. It never was really alive, there is no final review going on. Time to move on. Citiboi, if you are telling me that this project was larger than the Wachovia project in Charlotte, then you have completly lost your mind. This is from a certain member of the GSO city council who laughed out loud when I inquired to him about the mystery GSO Triumph Center
  12. Friendly Center & The Shops at Friendly

    CBL never owned Four Seasons. Koury sold it directly to General Growth properties. CBL sucks! Look how crapty Hanes and Oak Hollow look. This is not a good thing for greensboro.
  13. Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)

    Try PTI or GSO
  14. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    Who says there are big entities involved????? More speculation..... no facts. No Disney, no Universal, no Cameron Kuhn, nobody, nada, zilch.