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  1. Grey's Tavern is good, nice location good food and drink. however Rum Runners is in trouble, IRS has padlocked the doors once already, I doubt it will be around this time next year.
  2. The new Apple store is supposed to go in the new strip that fronts friendly ave. beside the new BB&T building.
  3. CBL never owned Four Seasons. Koury sold it directly to General Growth properties. CBL sucks! Look how crapty Hanes and Oak Hollow look. This is not a good thing for greensboro.
  4. The Harris Teeter at Friendly center will be torn down and bbt will be building a new office building in its place.
  5. As much as I love the ACC I do not think many people will make a special trip just to visit it. I think the best place would be beside the Greensboro Coliseum. It has to be there in order to link it to any acc event going on next door, it becomes far too removed if it is downtown. Lee St/ High Point Rd needs the attention to keep it from further decay.
  6. I think Charlotte is one of the uglier airports. It seems a nascar theme prevails everywhere, and a lot of the common areas look worn. Looks like it was built on the cheap.
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