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  1. Looks like Ryan has pulled out of this project completely. Drove through Sat morning and the sales trailer was gone and everything is overgrown. No mention on teh website now either. Methinks Harris is in real trouble.
  2. I've never seen so much comotion and so little visual results, but I think we can clearly see the Pepsi parking lot as well as completion of the Poindexter extension. If I may crawl out of my negative shell for 1 sec I do believe we might see some apmts going up in the next 6-12 mnths. Vacancies rates are falling nationwide and rents are edging up so might not be too impossible to imagine!
  3. Agreed. As a bar with a lil different angle I liked Sir Ed's. As a restaurant I thought the food was avg at best and wayyyyy overpriced.
  4. anybody know what the building further down from tower near the fountains will be? It looks like a permanant concession stand or something.
  5. Ate at the BW3s last night (along with several proud NRA members). The patio space there is HUGE esp. for uptown. Regardless of whether you like BW3s/NASCAR or not I think it will be a great place to people watch in uptown.
  6. There is no way this whole site will be a parking lot only. I remember Pepsi wanting access to Poindexter and maybe space for a few trucks, but a parking lot for even as a temporary fix before teh apmts can be built would seen economically unfeasible given the costs of the land AND the cost to build a permited lot for commercial vehicles (as opposed improvised lot on East Blvd for Latta ).
  7. It looks like this year is now a sellout with the weekly books selling out yesterday. Any guesses on if we get the Mulligan program again this year?
  8. I noticed that too. Although I think at best its just the roadwork for Poindexter for the immediate future. My guess is that Colonial has the $ to build now, but simply can't ignore the vacancy rates in the area and needs to wait for more saturation of all the new units.
  9. Re the the game today. I give these organizers a lot of credit. There are guys selling mexican flags on the corner of Tryon at 9 am. These guys mean business!
  10. palmetto75

    The Vue

    I wouldn't be surprised at all to see a BK filing not too long after completing the building. I started thinking of a prepackaged BK/foreclosure after construction stopped a few months back. A few observations: 1. Everyone saw the The Park lenders take an absolute bath. Better to lend and let the building finish with a marketable product than a big steel rust bucket. Lesson learned. 2. BoA is the lead lender in the syndicate I believe. They do not want an unfinished building outside their window everyday. 3. Lender probably took a more active role in the construction. Most likelyshooting down the Wolf/Subzeros for something more recession appropriate.
  11. Speaking of which, anyone know where the monsoon at? Sour always goes good with sweet. Its a Yin and Yang thang I guess.
  12. Its good if they are emerging from bankruptcy AND paying back their creditors, which include several local companies. Would also love to know if part of their BK deals allows them to break leases in these locations in order to move. Sorry to be so negative, but have little pity for an organization that was the original piggy bank of corporate robber barons and goes into BK the second things get a little tight. If they never return to their formal glory it will not be a loss in my book.
  13. Is the Pinky's deal over? Just saw an "Available" sign there that I did not remember seeing there before. On another note looks like the Sprinter stop is going in at Arty/Morehead.
  14. If you tear the building down before the new year then those improvements are not taxble in the new year. In the grand scheme of things I never really thought you saved that much. The permit was for demo only. This parcel is is owned by Cherokee (the Brownfield specialists from Raliegh), but I was assuming it was being lumped into the eventual Scaleybark Prtnrs plan. I could be wrong.
  15. Noticed that too. My guess would be 2010 property tax planning similar to what happened at the Bonded Warehouse site earlier. Being on a demo crew is proving to be good seasonal work.
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