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  1. Yeah, unfortunately the build-out would take a long time for many of us to see it's use, but I'm all for it. I have given up the car recently and enjoy the ride to Durham quite often to visit my sister who lives there. I've been looking for alternatives to get to Atlanta without hitching a ride with a friend, but that departure and arrival time by train is a killer. While those trains may be full passing through, I can't see a lot of travelers getting on in Charlotte heading in that direction, but I could be wrong. I do like the idea of adding additional lines departing at reasonable tim
  2. I believe the on-site portion of the trail system within this project will be built by the developer, the connectivity to the surrounding system will be funded by Parks and Rec.
  3. With Birkdale Village though, all traffic must exit and enter via Sam Furr Road. In fact, almost all residents of Birkdale Village are funnelled out the Birkdale Commons Parkway exit. With City Park, you'll have multiple means of ingress/egress to access the site via the realigned Yorkmont Road in both directions, a connection to Billy Graham Parkway, and Tyvola Road with multiple access points. That's five or six connections to major thoroughfares versus funnelling the entire development out one exit.
  4. I was wondering much the same thing MC. I do recall getting a flier in the mail the first day I moved to Charlotte in March of 2001 advertising the units were going fast in Charlotte's first residential high-rise. I thought, oh well, I can't afford that anyways. I've worked with a lot of poor architects and developers througout the years, but watching this chaos from the outside looking in for the past seven always puts things in perspective.
  5. I know little when it comes to legal issues, but what's the anticipated time Reese and his lawsuit could further delay this project? I anticipate his lawsuit to eventually be thrown out, but should I expect something else to happen there?
  6. I hope so, but from what I've heard from the homeowners, it doesn't appear to be in the works which I found disappointing.
  7. That seems far more optimistic to me than being a long ways off. To finish that project in four to five months and hit a june/july deadline, or even just a large section of it enough to open and have customers just isn't feasible given the extent of the work done on site. October at the earliest seems somewhat reasonable, but I'd think it would be closer to the end of the calender year. I usually allow for four to six months for a project of this size to open once the exterior shell is done, and they're not close to that yet.
  8. The uses within the project I'm fine with, the design as discussed is lacking in many spots. But, in terms of evolution in design, I think we're seeing a progression towards better development. This project is still leaps and bounds better than anything developed on Independence over the past 30 years. Taking it a step further, Lowes began their design development after this project was in the permitting stages, so we saw another step in the right direction (I really like how this project is shaping up, Lowes that is.) Hopefully the Lowes project sets a higher standard the city can recog
  9. Yeah, the Kings Drive facade is the overwhleming shortcoming of this project. Had that been handled better I doubt so many of us would have as many reservations about this project.
  10. Totally agree, I work in Plaza-Midwood, live in Wesley Heights, I'll hit-up the Met for some household item I'm sure on a weekly basis. On weekends I'd bike over to the greenway and use the trail system on down through Freedom Park and back, stop for lunch at a restaurant along the greenway, if I'm not too sweaty. I'm only one consumer, but there are thousands like me that commute to Pineville for the same items. Anything Charlotte is doing to provide consumers goods inside the area bounded by Route 4 I find a good step. Parking will always be a demand of retailers like this, I think
  11. In regards to this particular corridor, the Greenway/Park Development for the Little Sugar Creek Corridor is in various stages of design development through multiple firms. The Kings Drive corridor is being developed by LandDesign (construction document stages) while ColeJenest & Stone has developed the Midtown Site and Greenway (under construction) with Land Design developing the CPCC green parcels (site development/construction document stages) within the context of these previous master plans. ColeJenest & Stone has already developed and built the Liz Hair Greenway south of Morehe
  12. Thanks, I'm sure you posted it before, but didn't want to re-read 39 pages to find it. I would agree that the city would have been better served to build this project along an LRT line, that would have made much more sense esp. in taking any and all measures to minimize vehicular traffic. I wonder if exception was taken in regards to allowing this development given the close proximity to the Center city and the strong desire to do something with the land other than keeping the Midtown Mall. I'm guessing the city saw a compromise in having a destination point at the confluence of several
  13. Fine, what's the solution to this issue in your opinion because I'm not seeing it. Not build it, re-design, different retailer? Personally, I feel the design partially works, but I would have focused the parking required into an interior parking deck lined with street level retail, esp. on the Kings Drive side of the project. I'm glad to see the creek daylighted and if the parking could have been focused internally, I would have been happy with this design concealing multiple large retailers in an urban neighborhood setting that has yet to define itself.
  14. So, are you saying we should tell the residents of the Urban Core to get in their cars and hike it to Pineville if they want inexpensive goods from large retailers like we are now? Rather than the "This design completely stinks approach," how do we make it better while catering to the demands of the community? I'm asking not to be a pain in the butt about this, but I am a designer (not for this project in particular) and just curious to hear feedback on incorporating this type of retail in an urban setting.
  15. Are you kidding me? These stores make most of their money on lower to middle income families. You think Mrs. Bank VP Housewife shops at Target or South Park Mall? Yes, there are some very high income neighborhoods in the area, but there are also many low-income neighborhoods as well within close proximity. This is a highly visible area that can cater to all spectrums of the population and if we're making any effort at all to bring affordable housing into the urban core of Charlotte, these types of stores will support that demand. I consider myself middle income and will use the heck out o
  16. Why does large disposable income corrolate to big box stores in your opinion? I'd think just the opposite. Those with less disposable income prefer affordable goods in bulk whereas high disposable income demands higher-end retailers. Residents of Uptown, with the high cost of living there demanding a high-end tenant, will not be stocking thier wardrobe with clothing from Target. I think the Big Box stores cater to a population that surrounds the Uptown area. I think we're getting too focused in this discussion regarding the Met being a retail support system for Uptown because its not. I
  17. Stores like Home Depot and Target are a neccessity for much of the population and anyone within a five mile radius of Uptown, a sizeable portion of the popluation no doubt, will use these stores. I think the proposed project does a good job of providing retailers in high demand in an area they are much needed to cut down on commute time to such retailers in the far off suburbs. I think they've done as best they could to cater to making the space as pedestrian friendly as possible with the outdoor restaurants, greenway frontage, etc...but you need a lot of parking for these stores for one rea
  18. Dubone, how and where is Seaboard extending and tieing into Graham Street? Will this connection be on the northeast side of 277 near the current intersection of Graham and 12th? Nevermind, the connection is to the north of the Norfolk-Southern line along Graham Street at a new intersection before Statesville Avenue splits off.
  19. If anything else, to re-iterate to interested residents that they can and should be involved with Civitas in the public design charettes for the park that will start in February according to Levine with a total of three to four public meetings to take place over the next three to four months. Parks and Recreation will be able to provide more details on the meeting specifics as those dates approach in terms of time and location.
  20. The current work consists of primarily entertainment venues with a condo building to be built at the corner of Maxwell and Seaboard at a later date (timetable unknown). All current office is being converted to entertainment venues I believe.
  21. site work plans have yet to be approved by the city
  22. I believe the adjacency of the arena stimulated one of the many redevelopments of this project. Originally targeted for third ward, the move to the present location caused the latest hiccup in his proposals and, correct me if I'm wrong, this is the first we've heard of his new plans since the arena opened? We've heard snippets here and there, or has there been a full blown presentation since the Bobcats began play? Not a Levine defender, just curious. Hasn't the Urban Land Institute been waffling w/ CCP in determining what to build on the two pork-chop pieces of land adjacent to the aren
  23. Probably can't park the retail coupled with the residential on such a small lot.
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