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    Although baseball is not so popular here in our country but my favorite sport is baseball. I hope that later on people here will realize that baseball is a great sport.
  2. kontractor


    I think that Bruins is the tough team in the division. I'm their biggest fan. Keep up the good work Boston Bruins.
  3. Hooray to going green. To some it may be cliche' and corny but we all should seriously take care of our environment, because it's all we've got. Those are good and easy tips to follow people should make it second nature to be more responsible about their accumulated stuffs. Remembers the 3 R's: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.
  4. I love the North Carolina basketball team. There offense is good and there defense is a sting to the opponents.
  5. kontractor


    i'm not into golf really but i like to see the "GREEN" coz it relaxes me, i don't like to play either coz pressure will be on me... but from time to time i just would like to know who's on top of his game... is it still the TIGER?
  6. kontractor


    i want my dream to be heard... i want be driving in a NASCAR with the #24 on it as my lucky number...
  7. kontractor

    NBA Talk

    i wanna cheer up for the bulls... i know they have a fresh line up but still i'm cheering for them...
  8. keep it coming guys nice pics if i may say... i really enjoyed the pics offered here... good work and keep it up...
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