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  1. West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    Me too! It's so "ugly," that it becomes unique and beautiful to me!
  2. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Use to sort of be. I think it looks pretty good in the picture by @Alley
  3. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Agreed. We have seen the Preds in the Avs shoes many times. The majority of the times those Preds teams trying to hang with the "big boys" were eliminated. Hope that holds true this round (i.e. the higher seed prevails, for those hockey gods listening )!
  4. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful city! Tough loss though...ugh...
  5. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Oh then there is just this...
  6. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Possibly a smidge off topic...but one of my favorite moments in time...from playoffs last year. Love how Marcus is supportive but remains his respectful and reserved self. Then there's Taylor Lewan..lower left..as nothing I wouldn't expect less as being Taylor Lewan!!! Of course he didn't go full Quinton Spain with no shirt in here rule!!
  7. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Me too. What is wrong with us "younger" folk...
  8. Soccer in Nashville

    Yup, undefeated (2-0-1) and 1st place in the East with the highest number of goals so far in the young season. Nashville played very well for the most part. Charlotte had some flashes, especially in the 2nd half. Nashville seemed to control the ball the majority of the game. Looked much better than the Pittsburgh game. However, the Pittsburgh game was a more "defensive" type of game. Missed the Louisville and Bethlehem games. Alan Winn was all over the place. Especially the 1st half. Scored the 1st goal. Came back all the way to play defense in our goal several times. Pickens with some huge saves, again. Love saying Ainyode's name. Ropapa with the late substitution and touch goal to ice the game. Looks like Coach Smith has found some continuity in the expansion team. We'll see how the next games go. Nashville with 3 road games coming up. First one at Indy next Saturday at 11am. About ~7500 announced in attendance (not sure, didn't look like that many, but I didn't see the crows too often). Not bad considering the weather. Next home game against reigning champs, Louisville City SC on Sunday May 13 at 5pm. Love that USL is live streaming games on YouTube. Chromecast-ed to TV, great experience.
  9. Soccer in Nashville

    Nashville SC with the 2-0 win over Charlotte!!
  10. Nashville International Airport

    That's cool. Did not know that!
  11. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Well, technically, it COULD raise property taxes...by bringing a more desire to live there and positive development in the area. BTW, if I were living there now, I would be more than likely to vote YES. However, I can appreciate some of the opposition, especially in regards to being fiscally conservative. I lean more on the left side of things, but try to keep an independent and middle-of-the-road view, especially being conscientious of spending. However, I do not see transportation getting better for Nashville, especially if it remains on the current status quo. Roads are, and always will be a complete money pit. In fact, all transport is to some extent. So the proposed plan is not perfect, but there is no perfect plan. It does provide a funding source for future projects and improvements regarding transit. The 0.5% sales tax increase seems to be "the best" approach, especially since we have such a high tourism industry. Not an income tax, not a gas tax, not a property tax. It also provides another option for many Nashvillians. Right-of-way mass transport. I absolutely ABHOR driving. It amazes me how many people are illiterate. I am all for autonomous vehicles or, if I had the option, a well rounded transport system. If my parents just didn't sell their house of 35 years to move to Huntsville to be closer to me, I would have the opportunity in the future to be a short walk from the Nolensville Rd line. I would have loved to see that transpire. Of course there will be construction headaches, and we need a WELL-ROUNDED system, including sidewalks, driver AND pedestrian education, and affordable housing. That is one of my biggest fears for this city, is the crazy hike in affordability. It was one of the reasons why we became the "IT" city. I get the economics of supply and demand. Bottom line for everyone is $$$, especially developers. It is only going to go up if you desire this type of growth, but there has to be some middle ground. I believe the transit lines could help provide and alleviate some housing woes. Look at Charlotte, SLC, to name a few, for encouraging developments around transit lines. I get, that people enjoy having their own yards in traditional single family homes, which is why the well-rounded comes into play with available commuter options, such as rail. For me, and probably a majority of my generation, it comes down to what is more important to you. I would love to have a house and a yard, but I HATE, HATE, commuting!! I would rather sacrifice a house and yard and having to purchase multiple vehicles if I could avoid driving to work everyday. Of course, one option could be, telecommuting more often. However, I would rather be able to WALK or bicycle most places if given the option. I get this is not for everyone. We are all different, and we do what we have to do to survive. Just my random rambling 2-cents.
  12. Wish we had better opportunities for using this area as a rail transit hub. So much potential. History repeats itself. What's old becomes new again... Union Station, no longer a station. No passenger rail at all. Why did we stop using and destroy out street rail?! Hindsight is always so clear!
  13. Soccer in Nashville

    Sweet! Forgot the match was yesterday. Thought it was today. Heard/saw Easter Eve. Just heard Easter. Looks like most, if not all, USL game will be live streamed on their YouTube channel. Good news for us out-of-towners and cable-cutters!
  14. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Great shots! Tough loss... 5th and Broad will be crazy transformative. Definitely not the late 90s to early 2000s Nashville I grew up in!!
  15. Dang, imagine this shot with Endeavor Broadway, Nashville Yards, the Tennessean site built. Then if anything happens at WES.