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  1. Soccer in Nashville

    Game live on Facebook! Either Nashville SC page, and I think, on MLS. Woohoo!! It's rainy!! Edit: Gotta change my banner to add Nashville SC! Edit: I like the kits...Predator Gold!!
  2. Soccer in Nashville

    Same here, especially with our dominating US woman's team.
  3. Soccer in Nashville

    Do we get a woman's team as well?
  4. Ironically, IIRC, I think the initial CC on site was left with a large foundation hole for awhile. I could be mistaking another project, but I'll see if I can dig it up...
  5. Soccer in Nashville

    Flew over Union stadium yesterday coming into Philly. It's an omen! Sorry, no pics.
  6. This. I don't think we will need to throw as much as NJ. I would need a lot of money too to even consider living and working there...
  7. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    I think many wanted to have the stage on the opposite side of the property to maximum capacity. I think we see why they chose this orientation too. PS loved one of the old renderings of a baseball stadium there too.
  8. Cambria Suites Hotel|255 Room|19 Stories|200 feet

    Probably right. My perspective might be off. Not sure how close the buildings will be.
  9. Cambria Suites Hotel|255 Room|19 Stories|200 feet

    Murals...cough...lights....cough...cough...blank canvas...cough...anything