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  1. timmay143

    Soccer in Nashville

    And first goal Pittsburgh has given up at home!
  2. timmay143

    Soccer in Nashville

    ^^^Exactly! I hope to see the same success for our fledgling USL to MLS club. BTW, Nashville SC with the 1-1 draw yesterday against Charleston Battery. Sucks games are on ESPN+ instead of YouTube, for me at least. Unbeaten streak at 6 for Nashville SC. Nice set piece for Doyle with the goal. Last week a pretty good win against Mississippi Brilla FC in the 3rd rd of the Open. Dominated 1st half, got a little sloppy in the 2nd. Game was at Vandy soccer and lacrosse complex. Nashville SC will host the Colorado Rapids in the 4th round of the U.S. Open Cup on June 5 or 6 at Vanderbilt Football Stadium. Don't forget the USNMT vs Mexico on Sept 11th.
  3. See my painting below...I call it White Square on White Background
  4. timmay143

    Soccer in Nashville

    Well deserved for Cinci. They have strong support.
  5. timmay143

    IKEA to Nashville

    Yeah, no kidding...people will be people though. I mean we fight within our own city, our own neighborhoods, and even our own families so no one is off limits. Heck, we even fight within ourselves. Anyways, Memphis will always have the first hip hop group to win an Academy award and perform at the show!!
  6. timmay143

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Just noticed a new station on Spotify called "Nashville Stripped." "Music from the heart of Nashville - stripped down to the basics." Has the typical skyline shot, ugh, .
  7. timmay143

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    Love these pictures @LA_TN. I can just click on them , zoom in, and just stare. It's like a "Where's Waldo" for Nashville activities and development! It really gives a good idea of where some stuff is going on in the bigger scheme. Like a construction cam but with better quality ! Man, I've really been so far away from Nashville over the last few years. Maybe one day I will get back, hopefully, for good!
  8. timmay143

    Soccer in Nashville

    Third round Lamar Hunt US Open Cup streaming live: https://www.ussoccer.com/lamar-hunt-us-open-cup/open-cup-tournaments/2018-usoc/2018-us-open-cup-third-round/20180523-us-open-cup-third-round-nashville-sc-vs-mississippi-brilla-fc Ha! Even did the Preds goalie chant!! A little bittersweet though...
  9. timmay143

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Gotcha. I was just wondering because Huntsville has an office building in Bridgestreet with at least 4 signages of the contractors in the building, CSRA, General Atomics, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Trident. Of course, like you stated, the building owner and renters could have worked something out to have 4 naming rights as an agreement. It doesn't look too bad either. With about one per facade at the top corner. I will try to find or get a picture. Although, Huntsville is odd in it's plethora of defense contractors. So you see companies proudly display signage on buildings in Research Park, with sometimes multiple companies per building. I guess Nashville, in comparison, doesn't have defense contractors but does have a myriad of music labels! I see it being ok to have more than one naming rights to buildings, where everyone "wins." But I guess if you have deeper pockets you can bring enough money to the table to buy exclusive rights. As long as the buildings don't become advertising hogs like some of the European hockey jerseys .
  10. timmay143

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Why not have both?
  11. timmay143

    Soccer in Nashville

    I get it. I can't claim I have followed soccer too closely either, so I feel pretty new at it too. Soccer is a little different, than what we normally see in football, baseball, basketball, and even hockey. There really isn't a "team name" in soccer style, like we see with the Nashville Predators and Tennessee Titans. Usually, in soccer, you will see the team referred to as a club with their home city or region attached in some form or fashion. Typically you see FC for football club, or in this case, Nashville SC for soccer club. The team may carry a nickname. I think Nashville SC's is the "6 strings," which corresponds to a guitar 6-string setup. Obviously, or not, for our Music City connection. It is also represented on the club's crest, which is probably the most important signia in soccer. https://www.nashvillesc.com/news_article/show/783402-nashville-soccer-club-partners-with-nissan- https://www.nashvillesc.com/ourclub Side note: in our 1st game against MLS Atlanta United FC you see Nashville SC player Ropapa Mensah kiss the crest and point to the crest on his jersey after he scores Nashville's first ever goal. You sometimes see soccer players do this after scoring a goal. Somewhat of a soccer nuance or tradition. Also, Atlanta United is called the five stripes, due to the, you got it, five stripes in their crest and uniform tops. https://www.atlutd.com/club/about Now back to your original question. So the important crest or "logo" is worn on the upper left of the jersey. The full uniform is also called a "kit." In soccer, it is popular to have a "team" sponsor. Not 100% of the reasons, but I assume it could do with not having many stoppages for "TV timeouts," where commercialization and "sponsorships" can reach an audience. So with the team sponsor you will see them in a prominent spot on the front of the jersey, which to people not familiar with the sport, looks weird, and looks like the team name. Some European hockey teams have sponsors all over their jerseys. Noticed NBA jerseys started to put ad patches too.
  12. timmay143

    Repurposed/revitalized historical buildings in Nashville

    Would/could be a great residential reno.
  13. timmay143

    City Lights, 7 Stories, 71 condos, restaurant

    Wasn't this originally a few stories higher?
  14. timmay143

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Yup, last night, like all opposing goalies, sucked...