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  1. MATB1980

    The Vue

    ^^^ I agree completely. Whether people like it or not we have no choice but to start building more compact cities with robust mass transit infrastructure. Energy prices are going to continually climb and we can no longer afford to keep our heads in the sand about ubran sprawl. Sprawl is no longer viable and the world economy is not going to support them. I am actually pretty excited about this though because we're probably going to find our quality of lives improved greatly with greater access to the arts and entertainment, shorter commuting times, and more social interaction with more
  2. I thought the same thing after seeing the show last night. My guess is that the programs were printed awhile ago and they had bad advertising contracts. I would love to see "One" get built but I think in this case there isn't much to get excited about...
  3. I totally agree, this is just the beginning I suspect of seeing higher development all along the Blue Line. This is really the whole purpose of rapid mass transit. Lets get building some mass! The question at this point though is when do they begin sitework? I can't wait to see to this develpoment go up, the skyline will be looking pretty amazing when these three towers make their presence felt.
  4. I can't wait to hear the updates on this. The sooner we get decent highspeed rail into Charlotte the better. With the airline industry the way it is, I think the future of rail as a means of long distance travel is starting to look more and more appealing. Of course the N.CR is something I am waiting on too as I plan on using it from day one if it finally gets built. I dream of a day I can sell my car without replacing it!
  5. Awesome pics ATLRVR. This is going to be a fantastic once it's all build, not only is the skyline going to get some infill, but I'm looking looking forward to the beginning of seeing some Uptown retail.
  6. I completely agree you on that. I would much rather be part of a new skyline than look at one in the distance and having a view of 3x new towers right outside my window would be pretty exciting for me. Just my opinion though...
  7. Some awesome news for the transit line. CBJ just posted an article regarding an extra 9mil for the blue line extension. As long as this is approved then this will be a huge help in getting the extension done on as short a time frame as possible. http://charlotte.bizjournals.com/charlotte.../14/daily4.html
  8. That's awesome - I just checked out the 210 Trade Webcam where you can zoom in on that area and have a closer look. They are definitely moving on this one!
  9. Great pics Mobuchu, I can't wait to see this one go above grade.
  10. This certainly fantastic news for the city, it wouldn't surprise me though if the city approved it quick just to show everyone that Charlotte is still a healthy market after we have seen a few projects postponed. Whatever the reason though I am glad to see that empty spot disappear too!
  11. I would think a Heathrow would be more sucessful than a Gatwick link. Being a Brit myself I fly back home regularly and have used both Heathrow and Gatwick. Gatwick is definitely the better choice for going into London but lets not forget that there are a lot of people like myself who are going to other places in England too. Flying into Heathrow is 100x easier to deal with especially if you're heading out into the West Country. As a result of this I actually fly via DC, Chicago or Phily now because I prefer the convenience of Heathrow. It would be interesting to know how many people foll
  12. I don't think CATS is necessarily operating the blue line as a CR, but I would agree that the majority of people who are using the rail are doing so for commuting purposes from 485.
  13. MATB1980

    The Vue

    It would appear you can watch the progress of the tower crane going up on the Garrison webcam. I can't wait to see the tower start poking up above all the condo buildings around it. http://oxblue.com/pro/open/?webPath=coxschepp/garrison
  14. The original post stated the 30 day timeframe on the 11th, so I would guess we should see some action within the next 2 weeks. Fingers are crossed.
  15. MATB1980

    The Vue

    According to Skyscraper page they have it listed at 677ft (206.3m) which wil make this the 3rd tallest tower in Charlotte after BOA and Wachovia. Hearst Tower comes in 4th at 659ft (200.9m). Not sure where they get this information but the numbers certainly look good to me. http://skyscraperpage.com/cities/?cityID=536
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