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  1. That is great news! You're right Richy, more residential, more retail.
  2. I totally agree! This opposition to this is ridiculous. I just hope Preis has his "ducks in a row " this time and wont be another let-down!
  3. I just hope they do something with the Value place off of Sherwood! It's really getting vandalized. Becoming another eye sore.
  4. I t looks like a simple flood light set up. With that being said, I know they would have to have seasonal lights,red,green,purple and gold for LSU. I just love to see a CBD lit up at night, it just makes the city look bolder.You're right Dan, The Courthouse will be the icing on the cake!
  5. I was going south on Nicholson the other day, and they were surveying.
  6. They're in the city, you're right Cajun, what do they expect. The city going to fill in anyway,why fight it, It will only increase thier property value.I just don't see what their problem is.There's that damn "old way of thinking" again. The next thing you know, they will try to get declared a wildlife preservation area.
  7. Is there any new news on the progress of the new Woman's Hospital on Airline? I was on Pecue yesterday, and just hate to see started work just stall.
  8. Downtown just needs something that would separate it from the norm. I feel like the best avenue for right now is focusing on more renovations on 3rd st. If they could beef up the entire street with more entertainment such as putting in a theater, more food venues, and family oriented establishments,just have a super mix, then that would be best for Downtown at this time. Seems like every other city has some kind area downtown that sets them apart from other cities,maybe beefing up 3rd could be BR's.
  9. See, that widening of both Interstates needs to be done now, really 25 years ago. And if they would have included six-laneing Coursey from Jones Creek to Airline.
  10. I hate to say it, but that "old way of thinking" has held BR down for a long time now. I really like Kip Holden for his aggressive approach to trying to get the city to be just what it's supposed to be "It's own City". I talk with people all the time who say "we don't need that", and I think, we need everything good we can get! From the Loop to Highrise residential Downtown, we need that! I'm sick of people saying BR is an overgrown Hammond! With Audubon Alive and other projects Downtown, we could finally be established!
  11. I think it's a good idea. I would love to travel from BR to NO to Biloxi on one of these.
  12. I agree with you! Yeah they already voted on it back in Nov.. But I think if he could maybe put together something a little less costly, but include the River Center expansion,and a smaller Audubon alive , and a hotel on top of the River Center garage, that would be great! He proposed the $989 billion back in July I believe, and after the economy collapsed, people were turned off by by the proposal. Just bad timing that wasn't Kip's fault. If we still had the robust economy ,I believe it would have passed.
  13. The thing that sucks about beefing up the police protection and other law enforcement projects, is that they were in Kip's $989million proposal. Beyond that, I haven't heard of anything else. But crime, the majority of it, is confined to certain areas, of course you have an occasional car jacking in an nice neighborhood. And theft,burglary, but really, I feel the the city is pretty safe, as long as your stay away from those area's that are high in crime. Cajun, when are y'all moving back?
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