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  1. Thanks. Living between Piedmont & Juniper, I'll ride it all the time up and down Peachtree. Not nearly as much if it were on Spring/West Peachtree. I also like the fact that it looks like they're going to go forward with the Downtown/Midtown section before trying to deal with getting up to Buckhead with it's high congestion and limited road options.
  2. Not according to that map it isn't, but I'll take your word for it.
  3. Interesting... I thought the Street car was going to go up and down Peachtree Street ? In my opinion, if they put it on Spring and/or West Peachtree, it won't be nearly as successful...
  4. Well, I like it so I hope it continues as planned.
  5. I know the lakes are still pretty low but it's been raining quite a bit lately in Atlanta. I recently read that July was the rainiest month in nearly 2 years in the city. I think a far greater problem this park faces is the location and the current economic climate surrounding it.
  6. Thanks. Always hoping for more and more neighbors to keep the local shops/restaurants in business.
  7. Does anyone know if residents have started moving into View Point yet ? The amount of activity around the property seems to be minimal lately.
  8. If you go to the website http://www.12thandmidtown.com/ and choose the 3rd to last image in the Gallary, it shows this "realignment".
  9. I guess it's time to elect different yahoos then.
  10. Maybe we could put it at Grady and use the extra money to keep that place open.
  11. I always enjoy reading articles regarding Atlanta's population as I've seen "Metro-Atlanta" defined as anywhere from 10 to 28 counties...
  12. I'd love for you both to be right but having lived in this neighborhood for several years, and seeing many restaurants close, my optimism isn't high. Of course that changes a lot once View Point is occupied and the Palomar is finished. Places like Ecco, and the newer Cuerno and Beleza, are all great places but also benefit from being part of larger restaurant groups that provide an instant reputation. Same for Marlows being a known name in town. For the same reason I fully expect Taco Mac (Metropolis) to be an instant hit where Stool Pigeons failed. (Although I realize the latter had terri
  13. That Acapulco restaurant site has been several restaurants over the years and they never work. That area is still too much of a through street most of the time. I honestly don't see much working in the Cleaning site either at the moment. Unlike the area around 14th Street/Colony Square, the immediate area has a very small workforce, which limits lunchtime patrons, and there are more than enough quality dining/drinking establishments in the area for the locals at night and on weekends. Retail I think will need to be focused on Peachtree until significant residential additions come online o
  14. I don't know any specifics but according to the Midtown Blueprint, Juniper is a first-tier street and can't be treated like a back alley so I expect there to be shops or a restaurant there.
  15. Does anyone know when Viewpoint I will be ready for occupancy ?
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