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  1. Nice rendering! However, this would suck for the sunbathers and West facing residents of the Encore. Though the east side of the building is not apparent in the rendering, I can only imagine the morning glare.
  2. Update on the Murphy Road/46th Ave Roundabout from a post by Councilman, Jason Holleman: "ROUNDABOUT UPDATE: I heard from the chief engineer at Metro Public Works that the survey work is complete at 46th/Murphy. The detailed design drawings will be prepared beginning this summer, and he anticipates that construction will occur in Spring of 2014. We should be looking at completion of the project within the next calendar year."
  3. The church was actually razed a couple of years ago after the contract with CVS (or maybe it was Rite Aid) fell through. I believe it was cheaper for the church to demolish than to keep up with maintenance.
  4. Yeah, I can deal with this as well. Could be much worse. Definitely better than what's there now. It's hard to tell from the rendering, but will there be retail on the ground level?
  5. Wasn't the area originally just a wetlands/floodplain before it was developed? I remember my Dad had an office in one of the buildings, so we'd often go to The Hungry Fisherman. Great place to go as a kid. You could feed the carp in the lake while waiting for your table. I also remember there being a disco (the name eludes me) in Metro Center. Never understood at the time why a seven year old kid wasn't allowed to go dancing there. Oh well, luckily there was Charlotte Skating Rink to get my seventies groove on.
  6. Very exciting! I like this plan even better than the previous one. The additional retail & restaurant is a major bonus and much needed for that block.
  7. Surveyors have been on the roundabout site for the past couple of mornings shooting their measurments. Looks like this is finally getting under way.
  8. It looks more like a Maryland Farms or Cool Springs office building than it does a hotel. Sad that it's the "anchor" hotel for MCC.
  9. Please don't let it be some some resurrected form of May Town. I just can't deal with that debate again. I would love it to be the Westin at 3rd and Broad (is that even possible with the historic commission?). Would be nice to even out the skyline a bit between SOBRO and CBD.
  10. I knew if there was info to be had on this, I would find it within this site. Thanks guys!!
  11. Yep. They are just scouting new locations. Probably a good idea with all the new pizza joints opening in that area of Mid-Town. They are still alive and well in Cool Springs and Lennox Village. I agree with you, SoundScan. Desano's pizza is the current winner of best pie in Nashville IMO. Especially now that they have a smaller sized option perfect for 2 people. Nothing better than a BYOB pizza place.
  12. Hello! Just rediscovering the Urban Planet forums. After the development siesta several years back, I kinda just forgot about it. Anyway, glad to see positive activity and a lot of the old members still involved. Has anyone heard what the status is on the proposed roundabout in Sylvan Park? Last I heard was the plan had been approved, but no word on it actually going forward. As one who sits at that stop light on a regular basis, I'd love to know that it was going to happen. I remember there being issues with some of the commercial tenants (mainly parking), but seems like an agremeent had been reached.
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