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  1. Good point about a whole area becoming more vibrant as a result of the right addition. Hopefully Palomar will do that for West Peachtree around Ga Tech & 5th and 10th street. It sure should help the former Acapulco Grille & Cantina location that had been planned for a national coffee house before economy went sour. ( www.WestPeachtree.com is the site for that building ) . Word has it Palomar officially opens May 13. Can anyone kindly comment on that - and/or if the 10th and Williams dual hotel brands are expected to break ground any time soon?
  2. Update on Mandarin Oriental - 1/1/09 http ://www.realestatechannel.com/us-market...dences-289.php Update on Academy of Medicine: - Ga Tech announcement of "restoration" and "proudly owned" control of the "Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech" as posted on the AOM home page below: http://academyofmedicine.com Always looking for more good Midtown/West Peachtree news.
  3. New nightclub on Spring street - www.primalatlanta.com I believe its the former WetBar location The "Historic Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech" now undergoing "restoration" for April 2009 events www.academyofmedicine.com Cool scooters and accessories open for business now at corner of West Peachtree & 7th (next to drop off Cleaners) -www.gogoecomoto.com Can't wait for Spring! Anyone know more about planned parking deck and more at former Margaret Mitchell property contiguous to Midtown Marta and behind current Margaret Mitchell House on Peachtree St ?
  4. Does anyone know if any meaningful updates or other news was made at Wednesday's Midtown Alliance Annual Meeting at the FOX?
  5. I could be wrong, but I believe the 12-15 story condo (actually townhouses) in the Academy of Medicine parking lot is old news (around 2nd qtr of this year) now scrapped as it was PRIOR to Ga Tech actually taking over the building and more recently purchasing the parking lot (closer to 3rd quarter of this year). It's all 100% Ga Tech now. Can anyone confirm current GT AOM status & near term plans? FYI - Check out new website for across the street Palomar Hotel - www.hotelpalomar-atlantamidtown.com
  6. If anyone has ever doubted the influence of Georgia Tech in Midtown, take a look at their web posted list of buildings - and plans - below: http://www.irp.gatech.edu/space/facallbyname.cfm http://www.space.gatech.edu/masterplan.htm Does anyone know how Georgia Tech / GT Foundation plan to incorporate the national registry "Academy of Medicine" building on West Peachtree - and their 3/4 acre parking lot behind it on 7th St & Cypress Street facing ECCO? For Classrooms, special events only, Admin offices...??? Likely Timetable ??? Tech 45-42... in Athens... in the rain...
  7. Top of building signage for Hotel Palomar was added (today?) facing south. Looks terrific !! Hotel and signage, in fact. 300 rooms, too. Maybe someone can post current photos. Construction workers said next week signage may be placed on the front vertical facing at West Peachtree entrance opposite Ga Tech's Academy of Medicine building. Also, a scooter store opened at that same West Peachtree and 7th Street corner, next to the drop off Cleaners and alterations that sharen that same L shaped blue facade corner building. Check out www.gogoecomoto.com High mileage Scooters should do p
  8. My uninformed mistake. Won't happen again.
  9. It will be built on a lot at 1138 Peachtree Street near Selig Enterprises Inc. and Daniel Corp.'s $2 billion 12th & Midtown mixed-use project.
  10. Skyscraper blogger posts this as the new 54 story Mandarin to be announced Thursday morning. WOW !
  11. Blogger R Emerson elsewhere posted this spectacular piece below - WOW !! Could this be the reported Midtown Mile news - albeit a few stones' throw away from MM???? =========== City By Design... While out and about today, I stopped in Outwrite in Midtown and found a new book on Atlanta. It's called City By Design - an architectural perspective of atlanta. While it contains numerous buildings many of which are not highrises such as a McDonald's near Perimeter Mall to the World of Coke and others, it also covers some of the new planned projects for Atlanta. The reason I mention this is be
  12. Anyone have an idea what this is going to be? Sounds like super big Midtown news to be revealed next week !! http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread...32&page=435 C'mon, let's hear ideas, people...
  13. A posting on the skyscraper bulletin board shared news that Midtown Alliance has NEW development related postings on their site. Very exciting stuff to come!!! Note all the many 2010 construction start dates. http://www.midtownalliance.org/Documents/U...ments_10_08.pdf http://www.midtownalliance.org/Documents/EX_SUM.pdf
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