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  1. Flew back from Boston a few weeks ago and got some flyover footage of Concord and UNC Charlotte. Concord.mp4 1445322821_UNCCharlotte.mp4
  2. Did they finally take down the "Now Leasing" banner from the top?
  3. Groundcrew is phenomenal! John Causby FTW!
  4. I was expecting a lot more yellow on this building, which would've looked better.
  5. Sure, but the med school development depicted in the renderings is only on <6 acres. Must be some other big things afoot from Atrium.
  6. Interesting: the Atrium press release says it's a 20-acre parcel, the Axios article says it's nearly 30, but the two combined parcels in question only total 5.95 acres: https://polaris3g.mecklenburgcountync.gov/#mat=197128&pid=12520155&gisid=12520155. Wonder what's the deal.
  7. There's a Publix at 485 and Prosperity Church Rd. right in UC.
  8. That's some interesting data. What 11 Fortune 500 HQ did Charlotte have in 1955?! Did we really have as many as Denver, Seattle, San Antonio, DC, and Miami combined??
  9. This is a Sikorsky S-61N MkII, the civil variant of the famous Sikorsky Sea King helicopter: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sikorsky_S-61
  10. That's cool that they showed the actual tree they're going to plant.
  11. The first of many merch shipments arrived at our house!
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