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  1. It's going to be an LA Fitness, complete with indoor swimming pool.
  2. Hey cool, my son lives there. Newest student apartments in Boone. On-campus housing is atrocious.
  3. I put down a deposit on 4...haven't heard a thing.
  4. I've never visited the southern hemisphere, and I always wondered if the south-facing shadows would feel bizarre.
  5. Meanwhile, we can see how Sunset Rd. in north Charlotte got its name:
  6. Yep. East Trade St. and its parallel streets have a heading of 136.3 degrees (measured from the north), but the sunrise azimuth only ranges from 60.0-118.3 degrees any day of the year. South Tryon St. and its parallel streets have a heading of 229.7 degrees (measured from the north), but the sunset azimuth only ranges from 241.6-299.8 degrees any day of the year.
  7. It looks like the sun angle and Charlotte's street orientation prohibits a "Charlottehenge," even at winter solstice:
  8. Just got an email that the Harris Teeter at the corner of Harris Blvd. and Mallard Creek Rd. is closing. Built in 1994, this was one of the first "Taj MaTeeters."
  9. Sorry, I can't resist color correcting these old photos!
  10. I had a producer who worked for me who left to be an AP on The First 48 in Charlotte. She worked on all the Charlotte episodes, then joined Discovery Networks in NYC to produce others. It was more than two or three episodes during 2011 (edit: looks like about 6 total). The story as I understand it is with the DNC coming in 2012, the city didn't need that kind of publicity leading up to it.
  11. Well duh, it's clearly daytime for those astronauts, that's why you don't see any stars. Honest answer, though, I think it's because the camera lens is stopped all the way down for the ultra-white spacesuits and clouds, resulting in the comparatively dimmer stars to be eliminated.
  12. Yeah, it's mind-blowing. One argument I read for it was a Superior Mirage, although all the images that come up on a Google image search are nowhere close to the clarity of the Charlotte skyline shots above.
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