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  1. Charlotte area "ring cities"

    Nice revitalization project for the small downtown of Mt Pleasant, NC... http://www.wbtv.com/story/36730211/old-mt-pleasant-mill-to-become-restaurant-sports-bar-complex
  2. The Good News Report

    To get this section back on track away from "ancient history", potential growth for Statesville area uniform company. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2017/11/16/badger-sportswear-buys-two-team-uniform-companies.html
  3. Downtown Durham Development Map

    Potential redevelopment of the former Crown Park Hotel site https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2017/11/16/developer-to-turn-old-durham-hotel-into-luxury.html
  4. You still have a more viable insight on legit projects then most anyone in this group!
  5. Amazon HQ2

    Interesting article on Amazon's tax avoidance and incentive squeezing techniques in terms of it's rise to prominence. Maybe I am in the very non-vocal minority, but I just have a gut feeling this 2nd headquarter selection is going to be a shell of what is being hyped. https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/qv34dp/amazons-headquarters-tax-subsidies
  6. Triangle Economic News

    Seems that Chatham County is going to be the next "IN PLACE" to be in the Triangle area!
  7. Charlotte area "ring cities"

    The Town of Midland's limits now extend to the Mecklenburg County line!! http://www.independenttribune.com/news/midland-extends-to-mecklenburg-county-line/article_cbc0c128-af50-11e7-8229-0b6b2eb82342.html
  8. River Arts District

    Great article about the River Arts District and it's inception from BUSINESS NORTH CAROLINA magazine http://businessnc.com/how-the-river-arts-district-accelerates-ashevilles-appeal/
  9. Charlotte area population statistics

    And kudos to Concord which was ranked 24th overall for growth!
  10. Charlotte area "ring cities"

    This article is from December of last year, but apparently Pfeiffer University is establishing a present in the Stanly county seat. http://www.thesnaponline.com/news/top-stories-of-downtown-albemarle-lands-pfeiffer-graduate-campus/article_c93b314c-cead-11e6-bcf8-53bb7313d2ba.html
  11. Amazon HQ2

    Who cares if we get Amazon or not, I predict within 10 years they will be a thing of past once these "babies" start popping up in the house!!
  12. You are correct on Ms Leake!
  13. Eastern North Carolina Development

    More of NC's smaller cities need visionary people like Stephen Hill......kudos to people who are willing to plough their money back into the community. http://businessnc.com/stephen-hill-is-betting-art-will-transform-kinston/
  14. Municipalities around the Charlotte Region

    New development proposed around the Cabarrus Arena in Concord. http://www.independenttribune.com/news/hotel-development-coming-near-cabarrus-arena/article_f04c02b8-8cce-11e7-ac23-7fd97ee1bc26.html
  15. Learning from Other Places

    From a distance, it looks like a slum district from Mumbai!!