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  1. rancenc

    Charlotte area "ring cities"

    Improvements at the train station in Kannapolis have recently been completed. https://www.independenttribune.com/news/kannapolis-train-station-improvement-project-completed/article_c277cb60-ffd7-11e8-8e3d-079028bf7894.html
  2. rancenc

    The Bad News Report

    Very valid point!! Plus at the end of the day, Apple's decision seems to be based heavily on geography and current infrastucture. If you look at the major expansions and additions of staff.; Austin already has huge Apple presence as it is, plus I believe that Intel which is a big supplier to Apple has a large presence in the Austin area. All of the other locations are on the West Coast and probably due to the fact, that Apple's major suppliers are Chinese based. I did see Pittsburgh and NYC were listed for additions in the next 3 years. But I agree with the premature announcements of WRAL...they were blabbing prematurely.
  3. rancenc

    The Bad News Report

    In essence this is just an expansion of their current operations in Austin....probably cheaper for them in the long run
  4. rancenc

    Panthers New Team HQ and Facility

    OK...for some reason I thought Wofford College was stilling being utilized....thanks for the information
  5. rancenc

    Panthers New Team HQ and Facility

    Isn't this proposal a mere shift from their current practice facilities in Spartanburg? Not sure where the team's HQs are located at now.
  6. rancenc

    Charlotte area "ring cities"

    New industrial spec building finishing up at Kannapolis Parkway and Highway 73 https://www.independenttribune.com/news/million-spec-building-under-construction-in-kannapolis/article_9f9486be-fd76-11e8-b71d-a733eea44c99.html
  7. rancenc

    History of Charlotte

    Nope..actually it's the LATE Roy Cooper. The one in question passed away this June at the age of 91 https://saportareport.com/roy-cooper-91-helped-create-modern-atlanta/
  8. rancenc

    History of Charlotte

    Article from 1986 with a comparison between Charlotte and Atlanta https://dilemma-x.net/2014/02/08/yesteryear-atlanta-and-charlotte-and-the-rise-of-the-urban-south/
  9. rancenc

    Fayetteville Development

    New jobs coming to Cumberland County http://www.fayedc.com/2018/10/eclerx-expansion/ Booz Allen Hamilton creating over 200 new jobs! http://www.fayedc.com/2018/08/booz-allen-hamilton-announcement/
  10. rancenc

    Charlotte area "ring cities"

    NC Research Center in Kannapolis has an addition coming next year. Hopefully this could be a catalyst for additional development including manufacturing in the area. https://www.independenttribune.com/news/n-c-food-innovation-lab-expected-to-open-in-july/article_5738effc-f8d7-11e8-893d-9b02b6fa12f5.html
  11. rancenc

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    I forgot that this chain is still open. I remember the one in Salisbury use to have a great breakfast buffet back in the day (mid-80's)!
  12. rancenc

    Eastern North Carolina Development

    New jobs for Halifax County https://www.wral.com/two-expansions-to-bring-129-jobs-to-halifax-county/1802886
  13. rancenc

    Jonas Federal Courthouse Renovation

    Here is the tentative deadline for the new construction and renovation of the Federal courthouse. Don't think this has been posted on this site. https://www.gsa.gov/about-us/regions/welcome-to-the-southeast-sunbelt-region-4/buildings-and-facilities/north-carolina/new-charlotte-us-courthouse-annex-and-charles-r-jonas-federal-building-us-courthouse-renovation
  14. rancenc

    Honeywell HQ to Charlotte!

    Charlotte gets Honeywell....Portland gets Honey BooBoo!!
  15. rancenc

    Sports in Charlotte

    75% chance of rain too might be damping the attendance.