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  1. rancenc

    Learning from Other Places

    Goes to show even in left leaning bastions like Seattle, economic reality trumps social activism!! https://www.cbsnews.com/news/seattle-head-tax-amazon-starbucks-repeal-today-2018-06-12/
  2. I think that there might be some hidden "excitement" at this convention and having it take place in Charlotte will definitely be a shining moment in the national and international spotlight. If Trump does get the nomination during the primary season, I do believe there will be a very serious "coup" attempt to take the nomination away from him......stay turn to 2020!!
  3. rancenc

    American Tobacco Historic District

    Actually I believe it is the Senate that is the most "dufus" of the two houses....especially with the leadership!
  4. These are the type of surveys that hold more credence in my opinion. These are the actual decision makers on company location sites and corporate moves too!
  5. rancenc

    History of Charlotte

    Thanks of the date change. This actually came from a FaceBook group page of Charlotte history which has a lot of old pictures and advertisements as well. I will have to let the owner of the picture know that the date is 10 years older. Another bit of Salisbury history. This is the Josephus Hall house which was built in the 1820's and his located in the West Square Historic District. It had served as the headquarter of the Union occupying army in 1865.
  6. rancenc

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Well I finally was able to take the light rail on a round trip this past Saturday....took about 2 hours total. I live in Harrisburg, so I actually drove to the UNCC station and parked there; it was around 10am so not a lot of cars. Overall light ridership until I reach the Arena/CTC station. The only thing that really caught my attention was on the southboard ride, there were two teams of Transit Police checking for tickets. One set got on the train at the Sugar Creek Station and actually gave a warning ticket to a guy behind me (politeness on both ends). The other team got on at the Carson Street Station and again asking for tickets. I didn't see any police on the Northboard ride back. I know some folks have complained about speeds, both trains (which had the same operator) were pretty consistent. I was also enjoying watching the "street scene" with folks walking to and from their daily routines; especially in the Southend area. NoDa is going to be another focal point of activity and personally I believe the JWClay station is going to be a hot area...I think the University Place concept is going to get a serious makeover in the next 5 years or so as leases run out....again just my opinion.
  7. rancenc

    History of Charlotte

    Here is one of the many historic buildings of the antebellum period in my hometown of Salisbury. The Empire Hotel was built in 1855 and is currently being looked at as a redevelopment project. During the 1860 census, Salisbury and Charlotte were roughly the same size at about 2700 inhabitants..
  8. rancenc

    Charlotte area "ring cities"

    The wealthiest town in NC according to the Census Bureau https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2018/06/05/this-charlotte-area-town-named-the-richest-in.html
  9. Nice article in this month's edition of Business North Carolina magazine http://businessnc.com/concord-mixes-suburban-growth-with-revived-downtown/
  10. rancenc

    The Bad News Report

    I take these survey's reliability the same as The National Enquirer's track record on accurate information. This include good and bad rankings...a lot of information is dated and the methodology can be so convoluted, the same survey within 12 months can have complete opposite. I tend to look at surveys in industry related journals like Site Selection for a more accurate picture of economic health of a region.
  11. rancenc

    History of Charlotte

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport from 1975
  12. rancenc

    History of Charlotte

    Downtown in 1961 Downtown from 1987
  13. rancenc

    History of Charlotte

    From 1973, the grand opening of Marshall Park
  14. rancenc

    Cary Towne Center

    Looks like the IKEA site in Nashville is also cancelled. https://www.tennessean.com/story/money/2018/05/29/developer-denies-reports-ikeas-rethinking-planned-nashville-store/651825002/
  15. rancenc

    The Bad News Report

    Here is a article stating Siemen's temporary shutdown of this division worldwide https://compressortech2.com/temporary-power-outage-for-siemens/