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  1. Saussy Burbank is the builder and The Drakeford Company is the developer. The architectural style is different from what Saussy Burbank is known for. It has a lot of brick and a more urban look. I like Saussy Burbank as well.
  2. This mall is a critical site in this area, which needs revitalization. CATS apparently is not influenced by this concern in its planning. However, I think that the community is doing itself a disservice to not focus on how CATS can become a catalyst rather than simply responding to current needs. We've got a lot of tax money at stake here and it seems like the haves are getting more out of CATS than the have-nots, but the later is putting more in becomes all sales taxes are regressive.
  3. Does anyone know what type of rents are being proposed for these projects? It seems like they would have to be quite expensive to support this type of design.
  4. This project is the subject of Doug Smith's next big thing article today. It has much of the information that's shown on the www.northendsquarecondos.com website plus comments from other area stakeholders, namely City officials. Just FYI.
  5. Is the residential tower under construction, or it is just the hotel, retail and other portions of the project?
  6. The www.northendsquarecondos.com has a lot of info on the "Northend".
  7. I am not very abreast of the planned stops other than Derita so I will take your word for it. Thanks.
  8. It going to run accross Statesville Ave. a few 100 yards from the North End Square project and cut accross to North Graham St. near the back side of Druid Hills where the Charlotte Mecklenburg Housing Partnership is doing a lot of work.
  9. I think that the building is about to top out. It is going to be great for Charlotte to have NASCAR here. This is one of the better decisions that the City leaders have made.
  10. This project is really close to the NC Musica Factory / Uptown Village. The Greenville Neighorhood / Park separate the two. The website wills this project as the Front End of North End, so I guess this it at least thinks that its the beginning.
  11. I just looked at that website today. They've removed that picture and replaced it with an aerial rendering of the project. It is very cool. see www.northendsquarecondos.com . The website has alot of information on the area. It also finally has the prices. It has the lowest prices that I've seen since Seigel Point. Do you think that this area is better? There is a lot less foot traffic over here than there is in Belmont.
  12. It looks like the Plaza Vu project being developed by The Drakeford Company is under construction. That, along with the Next Big Thing Article yesterday on Post Properties going to Morningside are two good signs for the Central Ave. corridor.
  13. I have often questioned why this area hasn't gotten as much traction as other that abut the Center City. Clearly, it lacks the appeal of a South End, but it is really close and for the most part, very clean. With such large scale developments like Double Oaks on the table, it looks like this is going to be a good area.
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