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  1. Does anyone know how many people Earthday Birthday drew the last couple of years? 2 years ago there was a crazy amount of people there with all the big name bands they got and Korn headlining.
  2. too complicated I asked about the guest parking when I moved in. They said no dice. Yes! They have a ton of stuff and I thought it was very nice. I was there in the afternoon for lunch last weekend and just got a hamburger. All the food is pricey (expected) but for a $10 burger it was not very good.
  3. I'll tell you right now what by far is the biggest problem. Its really 90% of the problem. Its paying to park. This isn't NYC, Boston, of D.C. People in Florida don't want to pay to park. For an event like a Magic game or concert at the Amway, yeah they will. But just going out to dinner on the weekend or even worse a weeknight isn't happening. If no one has noticed every corner in this city and surrounding areas has either a Applebee's, TGI Friday's, Longhorn Steakhouse or whatever there. Plus the parking is over priced at that. Yeah, I guess $1.00 an hour under I-4 isn't bad, but thats m
  4. Deric_C6

    55 West

    Walking home tonight and look whats open.
  5. Deric_C6

    55 West

    I seen a bunch of Five Guys employees outside the store this morning. Probably doing training. If I go outside later I'll look to see if they have a date listed for grand opening.
  6. Deric_C6

    55 West

    I seen some people in this thread talking about this. Is it a bar, or what? Haven't seen that before I took that pic last night
  7. Deric_C6

    55 West

    Does anyone else know the deal with the fire alarm going off all the time and staying on as long as it does when (as far as I know) nothing is actually burning?
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