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  1. The plans and renderings of Bearden Park look incredible. Does anyone have any more firm information on the current timeline for getting it built (projected start/end dates)? How long does it typically take to build such a park? I know the baseball stadium legal issues are connected with this but haven't heard any updates on whether they can continue with Bearden independently of the baseball stadium. Thanks.
  2. Is there any news or updated dates at all regarding upcoming restaurant/movie theater/bowling openings at Epicentre? It seems like it's been months with no updates on dates. Thanks.
  3. Some of the articles being written about the C-S index today are a bit deceptive. Charlotte is the only city with positive home price appreciation (HPA) year over year (from last January to this January), but as each month rolls by, Charlotte's 12 month rolling HPA has been dwindling. That's because the Charlotte MSA has been depreciating for the past 5 months straight. In fact, if you were to annualize the change in Charlotte's HPA over the past 6 months, you would come to a figure of -6.15%. I would say the last 5 months really tells the story of where Charlotte's housing market is going in
  4. Any guesses on the a. number of units in Catalyst b. The ratio of 2br's to 1br's? Also do you think Novare has considered making this a rental highrise? Seems to me that there'd be a lot of demand uptown for such a project. (and that fact that by my very rough estimations it could potentially be close to as profitable as a condo highrise in the longrun). Thanks for your feedback.
  5. Does anyone know when the movie theater is supposed to open? I've heard tentative dates for the restaurants and even bowling alley, but not the movie theater. Thanks.
  6. Here goes... Finally took my first trip on the light rail this afternoon. Walked over to the 7th St. station on this beautiful sunny and 65 degree day in the middle of winter. Saw a few other people waiting for the station. One man and his kids were trying to get a ticket from one of the machines but weren't able to. I asked if I could try, and quickly realized that not only was the machine not accepting credit cards (which I expected), it also wasn't accepting any bills. We walked over to the only other machine at the station which was working, and barely were able to get our tix in time f
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