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  1. What about Genghis Grill in old Doc Chey's spot?
  2. What is the latest with Genghis Grill? When is construction scheduled to start? Also, i thought there were going to be two tenants in the old Circuit space.....looks like one now. Assuming that is REI. Are they taking the whole space now?
  3. Gengis Grill is AWESOME!! We used to eat at one every week. Great food.....can eat healthy and great people.
  4. Container store....interesting. I love that place. Emailed them last month and asked if they plan on coming to Greenville.....there response was not "no"......and it was written in a way that lead meto believe it was a possibility.....as in "we do not have a signed lease in Greenville". I hope your thugs on the container store are correct.
  5. They have the best sushi we have had in Greenville....but honestly, I am surprised they have hung around as long as they have. They are never busy from what I can tell.
  6. The "pad" next to it will be used for a garden next to the restaurant and part of it will be offered to a future tenant....which I do not believe exists/has been named today.
  7. Has anyone been to the buffet next to Sticky Fingers...off of Woodruff. Think it's called Nai Ho or something like that. We were very disappointed....not that you go to a place like that looking for fine food. Still....unimpressed and wont be returning. On another note....any word on Blue Fire?
  8. I think that has already been covered....I believe the name of the restaurant is Harry and Jean's
  9. Voice mail says that due to the economy, Blue Fire Grill will be temporarily closed while it converts to a more affordable restaurant.
  10. Any more information on this? Looks like something I would enjoy.
  11. AllegiantAir.com does not list Greenville as one of the cities that will be adding a destination.
  12. Got word today that Flemings steakhouse is not proceeding with the deal it had with Greenville. Was going to be in front of Whole Foods in the development under construction now. Anyone know what is planned to go in there now? Also, anyone have any updates on Magnolia Park...I know they hired a development firm....but there is no movement around there.
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