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  1. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Coming to OK City. Wow, never saw this coming.... Devon Tower Almost 1000 feet tall.
  2. West End Summit

    What sarcasm? I'm serious. I put some baby catfish in there last year so that I don't have to travel 30 miles to go catfishing anymore....
  3. West End Summit

    Sweet, how are my little catfish coming along that I put in there last year???
  4. This sounds like something I'd definately like to get in on in the future. My summer sleight is very full right now...Going to be in Dallas a lot. Plus, I have some bank owned properties I'm negotiating on right now in Oklahoma, some of which will require a lot of my attention once closed on.
  5. So what exactly goes on at these forum meetings?
  6. Signature Tower

    You guys need to stop being so hard on Monsoon. She is entitled to her opinion. It just seems to me that we here on the Nashville board are a little bit too sensitive to opinions other than ours, but I've seen plenty of you guys on the boards of other cities talking down their projects and ideas as well, so, "let he who is without opinion cast the first stone."
  7. Signature Tower

    nice story, encouraging, but still far from a done deal...
  8. Memphis International Airport

    I have to disagree. This design is very modern, plus the parking is needed. I believe it makes the entrance to the airport much more appealing. This is where the parking garage had to be built, and the designers have done a great job of making it appealing to the eye...
  9. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Nice shots. Thanks
  10. Signature Tower

    I wouldn't mind seeing three towers around 450-500. These days, height doesn't really matter, it's been done every where. Style is what really matters. China is building a tower that is only around 500 ft tall, but it is amazing in stature. I mean, look at batman tower, a few more towers in our skyline with great style would look great.
  11. Memphis City Page

    You should put a pic of One Beale and The Horizon on the cover...
  12. Museum Plaza

    What's the latest on this thing? Anyone have any pics of the construction site??
  13. Signature Tower

    I don't really understand how it is laughable. Improbible maybe, but not laughable...I have confidence that Nashville will find a way to make it happen.
  14. Signature Tower

    Exactly. I remember someone saying that Dubai has the same population as Nashville and look at their # of supertalls. We have to remember though, that 1.5 million is crammed into a much smaller area because of a surrounding dry desert. I want us to get a big supertall, but only when we need it and we won't be embarrassed as a city because we can't fill it...
  15. Signature Tower

    I just got back from the big ATL. WOW! Do those guys not know we are in a recession? They have highrises popping up everywhere, and not just in downtown. They have areas that have just as many highrises now as the old downtown. We need to get our Siggy going...