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  1. Off topic, but BofA is remodeling four floors in TransAmerica. They're going to the open office concept and, get this, no one will have an assigned work station, just a locker. Heads are exploding at this news.
  2. The second photo makes me sad. I want to find the evil brain that came up with the "open office" concept and force them to sit at one of those desks for eternity.
  3. I spoke with a friend at AA's hub management and he said he thinks the plan is to bump out selected gate hold areas to the extent of existing exterior stairwells.
  4. Maybe they can use coal ash in the construction.
  5. They'll either do what the did in Boston or what they did in Minneapolis-St Paul. In Boston, they built a new steel structure over the existing concourse that still allowed jetways to move and airplanes to park. they then ripped out sections of roof and walls to open the old facility into the new one. In MSP, they opened a new section of gates, which allowed for the closure of sections of one side of a concourse. That side was then bumped out the width of the pier by a third. I think CLT will do the latter. AA will widen Concourse A; when completed, they'll move in and close a section of B to widen it, complete, then C, etc. I saw a scheme out there once that had all of B Concourse widened its entire length on the west side.
  6. I'd like to see the project come with an expansion of the Harvey Gantt Center.
  7. Delta's average fleet age is 17 years. AA, by contrast, is only 10.5 (and getting younger by the day).
  8. Great. Exactly what Charlotte needs: another expensive taco joint.
  9. It'ts so awful it lived through two bankruptcies, yet PIT didn't. CLT is still here as a very profitable hub at AA because it's cheap. PIT was shuttered because Allegheny County would't reduce costs for US back when it began to bleed money, CLT on the other hand, asked the airline what it needed and made good on every request.I might think Jerry Orr did our airport a disservice by deferring much needed maintenance, but he did do a phenomenally good job at keeping it a major hub airport. I travel every week. I'll take connecting at CLT over DFW, PHX, ATL or ORD ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. As a matter of fact, I dread my trip home from Albuquerque next week because I have to change terminals at DFW.
  10. I spoke to the folks at JLL. The lighting is still being worked on. All terraces should be lit up by late May.
  11. I'd be happy with the new Northwestern Mutual Life tower in Milwaukee. Simple and elegant.
  12. I'll give you WaMu, but Comerica is just awful beyond words. And everything Michael Graves touched has aged badly.
  13. I still hate it. The eight pane windows below each cornice reek of bad postmodern towers of the 1980s (see WaMu in Seattle, Comerica Tower in Dallas, or Humana in Louisville). When will Charlotte EVER get a a really good modern tower? My guess is never. My hope now is that the future development surrounding Johnny's Erection will hide it from view.
  14. I thought the hotel turned out to be schlock? No?
  15. I have a feeling this is going to be one ugly-ass project at completion. Charlotte: city of blank walls.