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  1. But what of terminal construction? Will this impact the timetable or what actually gets built? Since airport revenues are going to plummet, will the lack of income curtail the lobby expansion or CBP remodel? Phase II of A?
  2. Will this ongoing horror delay/scale back scheduled construction, or do y'all think it will continue?
  3. And here are the concepts. Tryon and College get full titles at the top, 5th and 6th get the "T" logo. https://charlottenc.gov/planning/Rezoning/RezoningPetitions/2020Petitions/Documents/Site_Plans/2020_064_SitePlan_2020_3_30.pdf
  4. Parker's first day working as CEO at America West was 9/11/01. I think you might underestimate him.
  5. Dude has scared me since he took office.
  6. That seems odd. If Iberia were to fly here, AA would service their planes.
  7. Somehow I missed there is a hotel also planned for the site. Seems like a good move with Novant basically across the street.
  8. So CLT couldn't fund its own environmental assessment? Not trying to be obtuse, just looking for ways around this. It seems incredibly short-sighted for a booming city with a giant airport to accept anything less than a 12,000 when the land is available.
  9. Stupid question, but couldn't CLT simply fund the cost of the additional 2,000 feet itself?
  10. But why be so secretive as to what it's going to look like from all angles? Their behavior is odd.
  11. That's really shady. This is exactly why we can't have nice things.
  12. Can we please type it out as "Discovery Place"?
  13. It was a Home (Depot) Expo. All stores were closed nationwide.
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