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  1. The transit schedule has been drastically reduced due to the pandemic.
  2. Oops. Just noticed CBRE is the new leasing company for the building and CK is no longer in control. At least they keep their name on the YMCA.
  3. Anyone know if Childress Klein is planning on upping their game for the exterior of 301 South College (currently branded as One Wells Fargo)? None of architectural lighting has been on since the fall.
  4. Idiots don't seem to understand Delta employs 30,000 in metro Atlanta alone. Who has the teeth to bite, the GA GOP or Delta Air Lines?
  5. Answered my own question. Baltimore's Ayers Saint Gross designed the project. Let's hope it doesn't get VE'd to death.
  6. Looking at the logo files online, it looks like the Charlotte signage is wrong. The Ts are too far apart.
  7. And it's native to coastal regions of the Southeast, NOT the Piedmont.
  8. I don't understand why they used a non-native species. Live Oaks do hold onto some of their leaves in the winter, but there are only about five leaves on this specimen.
  9. That live oak looks pretty sad right now. I hope it lives.
  10. RDU's main negative as a reliable hub is that its parallel runways are too close together for simultaneous takeoffs and landings.
  11. To quote Jerry Orr, there are two types of cities in America: Those who have hub airports and those who want them.
  12. Both towers are being operated. Lots of testing has to occur before the old one is shuttered. Last I heard, it was to be decommissioned in late May.
  13. https://www.wsp.com/en-US/projects/charlotte-douglas-international-airport-airfield-expansion Is the South Crossfield Taxiway still a go?
  14. CLT-MIA and CLT-DFW routes will feature the 777-200 beginning March 27.
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