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  1. Since we're the HQ, sounds like we need a KK and a cookie joint in the airport. Is all of old A now open? When I flew out two weeks ago, the construction walls were still up in the middle of the concourse.
  2. We had a KK in the food court when it first opened in the mid-90s (current cinnabon space). Not sure why it closed.
  3. The power lines in the image with the "CLT" are a nice touch. I'm glad they're at least being honest.
  4. Had a brief conversation with Vasu Raja at AA this week, where I asked him why new domestic service had been added to several of the airline's hubs, but not CLT--especially since 7 gates will be available in Q4 of this year or Q1 of 2020. He said AA's growth in CLT will be very different than that at DFW (new service at DFW was about adding lots of short-haul markets the airline had not flown to before). In CLT the growth will be driven by up-gauging from small jets to big ones, adding more frequencies in Midwest markets, and "growing like hell in Florida".
  5. Like Boeing in Seattle, Wachovia, Krispy Kreme, Hanes, RJReynolds, and BB&T in Winston-Salem, or SunTrust in Atlanta, or American Airlines in NYC, or IHG in Memphis, or Honeywell in New Jersey...
  6. He also was supposed to build a high-rise hotel adjacent to the greenway at Midtown Metropolitan.
  7. I don't care when the retail portion opens. I just want South Blvd sidewalks and a traffic signal at McDonald to be completed.
  8. Can anyone explain why the brick office building at the intersection of Tryon and Carson hasn't been demolished yet? Wouldn't it make more sense to have the entire site cleared at once?
  9. The rumor is that they will build across from TransAmerica (next to Hall House).
  10. $2 for ice cream as opposed to $6? Im well aware of the fact DQ is an international chain, but this is history. And face it, .Jeni’s will eventually sell out to Wall St (Ben & Jerry).
  11. Aston better not turn this DQ into yet another outlet for a certain over-hyped and over-priced Ohio-based ice cream chain.
  12. Why is Childress so tight-lipped about this? The building's under construction and we've only seen a single rendering.
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