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  1. With all this going on, shouldn't the city's plan to revamp the Montford streetscape come into play? It would be a waste to see the Southside replacement to not be guided into doing the right thing.
  2. Gee, couldn't we get some pyramids to top off the stair towers? It could be matchy-matchy with the 1986-era tower going up across the street. Johnny Harris should be banished for this stain.
  3. I'll say one thing, they have got to get the traffic situation under control. I waited 25 minutes this afternoon for my Lyft driver (who sat in traffic from Wilkinson to the terminal). It's an absolute clusterf^&k out there.
  4. Why are so many people afraid of modernism?
  5. Every time I drive by this project, I get itchy for parachute pants, Miami Vice, and a Zima.
  6. Hadn't seen this schematic before. Not too detailed, but does give a decent idea of the scope of what's going on. And for what t's worth, DAS Architecture has a terrible logo.
  7. The one in Cleveland is all colored precast concrete. The one in Charlotte is granite from base to crown. I'll take Charlotte's. BofA also doesn't have a terrible logo at the top like Key does. Charlotte wins again.
  8. At the North Beach (Miami) Publix, the lower level (like the one that the Randolph store will have) was a liquor store. Although I know it won't happen here, it's a great idea. I'm still miffed at the stupidity of Harris Teeter for caving to "concerned citizens" when it and Mecklenburg ABC agreed to co-locate at its rebuild down at the Arboretum.
  9. Cincinnati? And yes, Nashville is cool, but since when was that a line item for the expansion of sports franchises? All any of them want is TV marketshare, taxes for stadiums, population growth, and most importantly, money--lots and lots of money.
  10. It's a Harris trademark. His sister-in-law has a big one at Seven Eagles.
  11. The rendering makes it look like the hotel is right up against the Carillion. Obviously not a Risden.
  12. What happens to the sculpture currently in the park?
  13. Johnny Harris lives in 1987. No such thing as a webcam.
  14. Off topic, but BofA is remodeling four floors in TransAmerica. They're going to the open office concept and, get this, no one will have an assigned work station, just a locker. Heads are exploding at this news.
  15. The second photo makes me sad. I want to find the evil brain that came up with the "open office" concept and force them to sit at one of those desks for eternity.