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  1. It was a Home (Depot) Expo. All stores were closed nationwide.
  2. From the press release: "...an evolved logo, modern stagecoach, and digitally friendly colors and tone". Apparently yellow is hard on the eyes in a digital format. If only they'd have kept that pretty little wave of blue and green. Sigh.
  3. Actually, ketchup and mustard have given way to just ketchup. The gold letters have been switched to white in the new branding of the Stagecoach. We were told the yellow is hard on the eyes when using a mobile device, so it's going away (except in iconography of the stagecoach itself).
  4. Trying not to get freaked out at the thought of former Hearst illuminated in purple. Or that double "T" plastered on top.
  5. Sounds legit. The top of the tower has been dark for nearly a week now.
  6. With the zoning that's already in place (B-1), there's not much they could do about it.
  7. Seeing as we're the largest city in America without a decent independent/art house theater, I would think it would be quite the opposite. The Manor only has two screens and is soon to be demolished.
  8. The current layout of SMG makes no sense to me. All that unused space that used to be a restaurant/bar (which also made no sense to me when it opened as a movie theater/nightclub) makes it kinda creepy. Reconfigure the space and make it Charlotte's art house theater.
  9. I'm starting to believe the developers/architects have figured out they really screwed up the "crown". There is no legitimate excuse as to why the screening wouldn't be complete by now otherwise.
  10. That's because they didn't know you were from Charlotte. Tell them that and they burst into flames.
  11. A Con turned out better because workers had access to the space 24/7. On the other concourses, work can only take place for a max of five hours per night.
  12. Well, they’ll be walking through them when they arrive at CLT, as the new terminal project will be well underway by then.
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