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  1. I think I've seen those before at Uptown Cabaret.
  2. Exhaust fans. Hearst and Ave are built this way.
  3. I thought the shape of the lot would create an interesting building. I was wrong. I also thought that a tech company would want something bold and progressive. Wrong again. I’ll just have to hold out that BB&ST will give Charlotte something an architect will be proud to have in their portfolio. Wonder if this will have Fahrenheit’s sister restaurant, “Celsius”, on the top floor?
  4. Honeywell’s proposed HQ also looks like a dump.
  5. Hmmm. Doubtful. BofA gave us some of the greatest skyscrapers in America. This is a monument to Johnny Harris, plain and simple.
  6. Who did the landscaping at LU? Those pebbles are going to be a nightmare. I mean, I'm not shocked the plaza is terrible, but this idea was especially bad.
  7. Someone at CATS needs their a$$ handed to them on a platter for allowing that coke machine there.
  8. How do you figure that? Over 1,000 people will soon live directly across Kenilworth from this building. Not trying to be argumentative, but numbers are numbers.
  9. ^ All I'm saying is that if you give people parking, they will need it. If you don't, they'll find a way to get there--especially if it's for work.
  10. But it will be heavy with foot traffic (eventually). There are over 700 apartments immediately adjacent to the building now, and when Pappas finishes the entire project, it'll have about 300 more and a 150 room hotel.
  11. But does it really need 8,000 parking spaces? It's one block from a transit station.
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