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  1. I thought the hotel turned out to be schlock? No?
  2. I have a feeling this is going to be one ugly-ass project at completion. Charlotte: city of blank walls.
  3. Really? What is that, like the biggest parking garage uptown? Jeez! Where's the amenity deck, then?
  4. Even on the same floor? The tower portion floors match up with the stick-built part on the lower floors.
  5. Do y'all think the stick-built apartments fronting Stonewall will lease for the same amount as those in the steel and concrete portion (same floor level)? Seems the noise between units/floors would be wildly different in the two sections. It also just seems odd to me they didn't do it all concrete in the tower section.
  6. I walk to Harris Teeter and Pizza Peel all the time. I thought he just sounded like a whiny millennial. Besides, he works for the Town of Matthews, quite arguably one of the LEAST walkable places in the region.
  7. Downtown Austin is home to the government of the second most populous state in the union. It has a huge number of employees.
  8. Not really. Cargo operations are mainly overnight when passenger service is nearly zero.
  9. BCN will stay. AA does amazingly well with the city pair partially due to Mediterranean cruise traffic in summer. The only thing I can see changing is downgrading the aircraft type (330 to 767).
  10. What? No Risden McElroy twilight renderings available? I was hoping to see a vertical shaft of light bursting forth from the Illuminati beacon on top.
  11. Somebody lock Johnny Harris in his SouthPark office and take his intertnet and phone access away. It looks like a bad post-modern tower found along I-635 in suburban Dallas in 1985. If I worked at LS3P, I'd be embarrassed to have my name on it.
  12. Hugh McColl did that on purpose to help spur development in areas of uptown that were less desirable at the time. There's no need for that now.
  13. I just don't see BofA going into this project. Why would they anchor a building 6 to 7 blocks away from their current six towers? I was always told the next site they'd build on would be the vacant lot next to Hall House (across from TransAmerica). Wells Fargo makes far more sense on South Tryon. Or someone we don't yet know about.
  14. At this point, why have city government? Shouldn't we just give in and let the brain trust from Eastern NC make all of our decisions? Robersonville knows exactly what Charlotte and Greensboro need.
  15. Let's face it, the NCGA is not looking out for the state's best interest. Economic development be damned. Charlotte City Council have played their cards crappily, but I still place ALL of the blame on ALL of this the General Assembly. Phil Berger and Tim Moore are diabolical. Never forget all of their attempted and successful power grabs over the past four years: Charlotte Airport, Asheville Airport, Asheville water, Greensboro City Council, Wake County School Board, etc...make no mistake, the General Assembly hates cities. I guess they forget it's cities that provide the rest of the state with the revenue it needs just get by.