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  1. CLT704 is correct. It's the new power plant for the terminal; the existing power plant is located below and adjacent to the west end of current baggage claim.
  2. British Airways, Iberia, and Aer Lingus are owned by IAG, Ltd. With Aer Lingus being brought into OneWorld with full membership in the first quarter of 2021, I expect both MAD and DUB to return next summer.
  3. They could use the same material they used for the "crown" of the building. It seems to be 100% permeable.
  4. Not even a single overnight guest. One day in Charlotte. I see a bunch of lawsuits in the future (how rare for something attached to Mr. Trump to get caught up in a lawsuit...). Charlotte’s GOP convention, 2 years in the planning, will now last a single day
  5. The completed mural. Fantastic!
  6. LHR and MUC now scheduled to resume August 5.
  7. Looks like LHR and MUC won’t be reinstated next month as planned. The U.S. government isn’t backing off reopening CBP offices in airports like CLT.
  8. This one probably speaks more about the reality of racism in America:
  9. So much of what you wrote was offensive, but I’ll just concentrate on this one paragraph. So just who is it directed to? You do realize the word “looter” isn’t a synonym for “protester”, right?
  10. To demonstrate just how bad it is, read this A Sad Day for Global Commercial Aviation
  11. I always thought the convention center should have spanned the Belk Freeway (see Washington State Convention Center and I-5 through downtown Seattle). By doing that, nearly four blocks of uptown would not have been taken off the tax rolls, saving the land for other (taxable) uses. As for column-free space, the center could have incorporated a suspended or cable-stayed roof much like the Kansas City Convention Center.
  12. Maybe you're right, but I for one HATE working from home. I can't get anything done. My next door neighbor is an investment banker and his entire department is having a rough time getting information from one another (it's one thing to get up from your desk and walk three cubes over to ask a question--especially when time is important, than it is trying to ping someone who might not answer). Tacit knowledge will always be important. The ability to be in the same room with other humans will always be important--especially when creativity is in play. And I despise Zoom. I'm exhausted when I finish a meeting by trying to figure out which damn square to look at.
  13. So take already overburdened freeways (77 and Brookshire) and throw twice the amount of traffic on them? All I think that needs to be done is to close the ramps to/from Freedom Drive. You could easily access Freedom via Morehead St to 77, from Wilkinson, or by using Suttle Rd.
  14. I can only imagine what Dee Dee's hole looks like after all this moisture.
  15. So US-74 simply goes away? Kind of inconvenient getting to the airport (or west Charlotte, for that matter).
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