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  1. I used the generator. It provided the name "Medicry." Perfect for any American healthcare entity in 2022.
  2. I always thought they should've built the Convention Center over the Belk (like Kansas City and Seattle did). The current site could've been put back onto the tax rolls.
  3. The combination of CHA and Levine Properties in First Ward is a match made in hell.
  4. The moving sidewalks in the atrium have been broken for over a month now. Yesterday, no elevators or escalators were working from the old baggage claim area. For the 5th biggest airport in the world, the upkeep at CLT is abysmal and embarrassing.
  5. Why they put mast-arm traffic signals on Kings and Pearl Park Way, but not on Kenilworth or the intersection with Harding Place will never make sense. Not much CDOT does seems to make sense, though.
  6. If busses can handle L.A. traffic, they can handle Charlotte's.
  7. There are 5 story buildings in Lower Manhattan.
  8. Sadly, nowhere else in town to get a vibrating heart-shaped bed beside a jacuzzi.
  9. The E 4th/Providence Rd connector at the intersection with Kings Dr needs a fix. Inevitably, traffic from E 4th tries to move to the left lane for access to the inner Belk Frwy, while Providence traffic wants to merge right for access to the outer Belk/Independence. If each road were given its own green, not only would it alleviate the dangerous lane changes from one side to the other at the merging of two separate roads, it would also allow for left turns from E 4th and right turns from Providence.
  10. Why is it CDOT, NCDOT, and CATS can't seem to accept the idea that a bus stop lane (pull off) would be a good idea at major stops on busy thoroughfares? LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver...all have them.
  11. But does it blink on and off? Will it be able to have a circuit party/rave-like light show? This is Charlotte, after all; we need to keep our Vegas East vibe going.
  12. I'm not so sure about that. I use LGA all the time and have never missed a flight due to not being able to get to the terminal in a taxi (as I did last week at CLT after leaving Cotswold three hours before my scheduled departure and using the Express Parking deck).
  13. And there's a way to fix that, but destroying 60-year old trees ain't it! You build around the existing park, change the water feature, but you don't reduce a park's footprint for crappy development.
  14. Chicago developer expands into Charlotte, this time with $8 million Elizabeth land deal A Chicago developer is continuing its reach into Charlotte with its most recent land purchase, this time in the Elizabeth neighborhood. In July, Centrum Realty & Development purchased five parcels in the area of 1801 E. 7th Street for $8.5 million, according to Mecklenburg County property records. The company has crews out on the site this week conducting soil sampling, but said it’s still too early to disclose its plans. There are three buildings on the site, which spans about 1.6 acres. Each is vacant and in various states of disrepair, said Centrum’s managing partner Larry Powers. The land is zoned business... Centrum recently held an informal meeting with the Elizabeth neighborhood association to explain what its priorities are and to hear what the group’s priorities are, Powers said. The company has not yet talked about whether it would save the buildings for future use or clear the site and start over, he said. It’s also too early to say whether Centrum will seek to get a rezoning for the property. “We’re still studying all the uses we would consider viable and trying to wrap our arms around (the Unified Development Ordinance) and how it would affect this site,” Powers said.
  15. I asked one of the girls and she said she'd tell me for a $20. I declined.
  16. Charlotte ranks 91st nationally for parks. Yet here we reducing one by a half. Great plan.
  17. I watched the long video about CLT construction staging again. The canopy was to be "installed at night." What I can't figure out is why it took two weeks to deliver and install three trusses to the new building and drop a single truss over the roadway. What does this say for the next section of the expansion when it comes time to complete the canopy? I can only imagine it will be far worse. The LGA reconstruction staging was better planned and executed--and that was for an entirely new building on one of the busiest roadways in the country's largest city.
  18. CLT Upper Roadway Closure (Departures Level), 27SEP – 12OCT CLT Airport will begin the next portion of major construction of the Terminal Lobby Expansion (TLE) project: CLT Canopy Installation. This project is slated to begin at 10:00pm on September 27th, 2022 and continue through October 12th, 2022. The UPPER LEVEL roadway/ Departures will be closed during this time period. The project is anticipated to cause several significant impacts to our roadways and curbside operations. Important Notes: Express Deck bus will pick up and drop off on the Arrivals Level, in the bus lane Zone 2 during this two-week period The Smoking Area will relocate to the east end of the Departures Level Following the two-week closure, the Departures Level will close nightly for the duration of the Canopy Installation 18-month duration 10:00pm to 4:00am nightly During these hours, the Express Deck bus will continue to pick up and drop off on the Arrivals Level, in the bus lane Zone 2
  19. So the only thing that makes this building taller than Deloitte is the fact it's plopped atop more parking, right?
  20. All I know for certain is that C/D club will close - AGAIN - next year for a complete overhaul (I was told the space would be completely reconfigured and that showers would be added). Can we just stop for a minute and make note of the only reason the club closed this time is because it failed its fire safety inspection. The space was built in 1999...in an airport surrounded by airplanes and trucks and tugs that all use petroleum...WITHOUT A SPRINKLER SYSTEM!!! How does something like that occur? Seriously! It's also been hinted that once Delta moves into its new space, A concourse will get a small club. The airline's true pain point, the endless confusing cluster that is E, will still be without a club, relying only on the C/D space.
  21. You can't even open a bank account. The BofA Tower doesn't have a branch.
  22. 12-story apartment tower with retail sought for busy area just outside Plaza Midwood  Read more at: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/development/article261970235.html#storylink=cpy In a nutshell, Levine Properties is seeking to build a 12-story apartment tower in PM. The developer filed a rezoning application with the city on Friday. Plans call to take a roughly 1-acre site at the corner of The Plaza and Commonwealth Avenue and build 175 apartments to a maximum of 150 feet. Levine Properties is also seeking to include 12,000 square feet of ground-floor retail. It's Daniel Levine, so I guess we'll see vertical construction by 2055.
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