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  1. Not a fan of the current building. It was piecemealed together, anyway. The Tryon facade is what's left of the 1956 iteration--it was stripped of its modernist attributes and got a good dose of what I call the "UNC Charlotte Treatment": brick it up and go PoMo/faux classicism. The end result being a poorly integrated interior for library users and a clumsy exterior. Give me Seattle or Minneapolis designs any day of the week over the current schlock. By the way, here's the previous incarnation:
  2. Nothing says "technology hub" quite like above ground utilities.
  3. RE: Price's High rises don't have to worry about coin shortages.
  4. Only trouble is, my grandmother and great aunts (born here) always called it uptown. Even rode the original streetcar from Dilworth UP there.
  5. So......are the utilities going underground, or will this look like Tryon in front of the Railyard?
  6. Yes. It's one of the main reasons there are still concessionaires that remain closed (Pret a Manger, Starbucks at B security, Shake Shack, etc).
  7. I just wish they'd get back to remodeling what we already have. C, D, and E are still in need. C got new flooring (poorly poured and finished terrazzo) and ceilings, but everything has stopped. D and E still have old seating, carpeting and wayfinding.
  8. Central and Pecan will still be a terrible setback CVS.
  9. We once had one (current Cinnabon space). Sad.
  10. Logo being applied to the stadium side this morning.
  11. Does anyone know when the D and E remodel will begin? Both still have the old carpet, way finding, and seating.
  12. I think 530' is the floor height. The architectural height is easily 60-70 feet more. For comparison, the newest renderings from Duke provide context, as DEC and Duke Plaza are directly across from one another.
  13. They would certainly be enough to power the architectural lighting and give the appearance that the building has an actual roof. As I said before, the top without the solar array is just angled glass panels with an elevator box in the middle.
  14. I hope that never happens (naming). He made a deal with the devil during the General Assembly's attempt at stealing the airport from the City of Charlotte (his employer).
  15. What's the word on the logo on the top? Did Council approve it?
  16. I fear the top of this building is going to end up looking just as bad as Ally. Now that the solar array has been value-engineered out, the top will just be some glass surrounding the elevator equipment room, which will will be very obvious from the east-facing facade (Independence/Belk/Brookshire).
  17. I would venture to say a company that needs several thousand workers in close proximity, but not sprawling out on 25 acres (like CIC at URP). While work from home might have taken a foothold in some industries, the need for workers to share knowledge face-to-face will never go away.
  18. The entire reason AA is buying the XLR is to fly them to lower yield European and South American markets. Vasu Raja, AA's CRO said as much the day the order was placed: Small cities in Europe, think routes that we could’ve flown in a 757 but this airplane has 25% lower unit cost than that.. secondary cities in Spain and France where we have a ton of network strength with the joint venture. And there’s also a number of markets in Germany where today people fly into the southeast or into Florida but they have to double connect or they have to fly to another hub and drive and that can be optimally served out of a place like Charlotte. (Comments to employees, June 21, 2019)
  19. HNL is considered an IPD route (international premium destination) out of CLT. It will be similar to CLT-Europe service.
  20. The transit schedule has been drastically reduced due to the pandemic.
  21. Oops. Just noticed CBRE is the new leasing company for the building and CK is no longer in control. At least they keep their name on the YMCA.
  22. Anyone know if Childress Klein is planning on upping their game for the exterior of 301 South College (currently branded as One Wells Fargo)? None of architectural lighting has been on since the fall.
  23. Idiots don't seem to understand Delta employs 30,000 in metro Atlanta alone. Who has the teeth to bite, the GA GOP or Delta Air Lines?
  24. Answered my own question. Baltimore's Ayers Saint Gross designed the project. Let's hope it doesn't get VE'd to death.
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