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  1. I was listening to sports talk on 1080 last night and Solomon was on. He mentioned that his team's player development contract with the twins expires at the end of this season. What's also interesting is that the team that has the same contract with the twins aaa affiliate also expires this year. Combine that with all luca brasi's great observations and I really do think a aaa team will play in the hartford stadium in'16.
  2. Looks like there's construction paper on the door and windows of one of H21's store fronts on Trumbull. Anyone know what's going in?
  3. If you go to the leasing company's website, the Front Street rendering is different and the posting claims that the project is 57% leased. Check it out (Front Street is on the 3rd page of listings)... http://www.gvawilliams.com/ctwclistings.xml
  4. DW, any crumbs of information for us??? We could use some good news given what's happening two blocks south. Speaking of Front Street, what's your take on that project given your company is an indirect stakeholder?
  5. Nitkin didn't even develop Somerset Square. He bought it after it was built.
  6. The problem with Columbus Blvd in the area of Broadcast House is that the buildings on the east side of the street have zero potential for retail at the street level. The first floor of those buildings are parking garages. Terrible urban design, which will make redevelopment in that area difficult to implement. That whole section of Columbus is a dead zone on the weekends.
  7. If you look at Nitkin's website the only retail projects he has in his portfolio are strip malls and office parks. I didn't see one mixed use project such as what Front Street was supposed to be. Was he even qualified to tackle Front Street in its initial design concept? With the state kicking in so much free money to Nitkin to make this project viable, you would think the state would have written the contract so that they would have veto power as to what is ultimately built there.
  8. Public notice in the Courant today that indicates the environmental study for this project was completed with no negative findings. Will the DOT FINALLY get off their arse and make this happen?
  9. Like I said, give it to the Italians... So where is ESPN? Officials of the Bristol-based sports media giant say they continue to review their options at Front Street, the housing, retail and entertainment district of Adriaen
  10. "No, I can't say much more regarding the project right now (so don't ask!), but I think you'll be pleased with the results. Hopefully doubly so. " Dan Whittemore AI Engineers, Inc. Two buildings?!?
  11. This may be a very simple view, but to me it makes a lot of sense. I propose that two things happen in downtown: Build Front Street and give it to the Italians Take the area west of the XL Center and convert it into a mixed use lifestyle center with outlet stores at the street level and apartments/condos and office space above Little Italy is fading fast. It's too secluded from downtown and many of Italians are fleeing Franklin for the burbs. Every great city has a little Italy. Build Front Street and entice the Italians to move back. After all, Front Street used to be belong to them. As for the outlets, you can't get those in Canton, Farmington, Glastonbury, or Manchester. The closest we are to outlet shopping is Clinton about 40 minutes down route 9. Every time I've ever visited an outlet, the place has been packed. A developer wanted to build them in the Meadows. Why not in downtown Hartford? West of the XL would be a perfect site. Many of the existing buildings are vacant and of the 4-5 story varieties, not too mention the many surface parking lots that could be built upon. That place would be a draw. Does any other city have outlet stores in their downtown area? I think it would create a great atmosphere, especially with the train station, Bushnell Park, and some restaurants already in place. Get the New Haven to Springfield rain line up and running and it would be a quick train ride for many to head to Hartford, get off the train and have outlets a half block away. Add an Italian "neighborhood" and an outlet shopping district to downtown and we've got a city!
  12. Dan, do the metro Hartford area a favor and have your demolition company "accidentally" place a couple of charges about 50 yards north of Broadcast House and knock that rat infested hotel down. I have a funny story about that hotel... A few years back they had an open house inside the hotel where they were selling all the dirty, outdated, out of style furniture and such. I went to this event (really to just see the inside of the hotel) and stumbled upon the kitchen where everything was left as it was the last night of operation, almost as if the place had closed the day before (dirty dishes, pans, etc. all over the place). Also left in the kitchen? A penthouse mag dated the month the joint closed for good - sitting on a counter! It's probably still there...
  13. The owner of a Middletown-based company has bought the WFSB-Channel 3 Broadcast House at the heart of Hartford's Constitution Plaza and says he plans to demolish the now-vacant structure and erect a 100,000-square-foot "tech building." "I have benefited from Hartford. My first job as a young engineer was in a Hartford firm," said Abul Islam, owner of AI Engineers Inc. "Now I want to come back to Hartford
  14. Good vision, but.... $4 Billion - it's going to take a little more than a powerball jackpot to make that happen.
  15. Summary of Event Estimates Event Type *Events *Attendance * Total Attendance Wolf Pack Hockey 43 X 3,800 = 163,000 UConn Basketball 21 X 14,000 = 294,000 Concerts 8 X 8,900 = 71,000 Family Shows 28 X 3,300 = 92,000 Non-Tenant Sports 11 X 8,700 = 96,000 Other Events 21 X 1,700 = 36,000 Subtotal 132 events 752,000 attendees Flat Floor Events 15 X 2,500 = 38,000 Total - All Events 147 790,000
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