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  1. I finally flew into CLT a few months ago for the first time (we've been driving from NY for our other visits) and I have to say that the airport was nice. Managable, friendly, pretty up to date and pretty convenient. Would be nice to have more mass-transit options. How about a monorail down the center of 485 with light rail "spokes" to uptown! Seriously, in regards to the original question, here's what i don't understand. CLT is the number 2 banking center of the country. NY is number 1. With all the business travel that I would imagine is going on for all of those headquarters, why hasn't
  2. It sounds like the biking population is exploding there (along with the general population) and that's a great thing. The weather is great for biking and I hope to commute by bike when I can. I've been debating on whether or not to add a shower to my office plans but due to ADA rules it may become too expensive a proposition. I will be right across from the Siskey Y though so maybe??? I would encourage bicyclists to get as active as they can while there is still "room" to grow. Where I am now, it is too expensive for the county to buy back land for the right of way that bike lanes would r
  3. OK - like I said, most of us have no idea what's really going on. Here is an article on $13m which is now being given to J&W as NC education subsidies. To make a long story short, the law was changed to allow this gift even though J&W is not headquartered in NC. Again, always a great idea to support schools and giving students the subsidies directly is even better. However, now it is easy to understand why Easley blocked an additional $5-6m with this in the works. At this point, I would say that NC has fulfilled it's obligation, however, Black still wants to appropriate the additional
  4. I don't think any of us will ever really know - that's what makes politics what it is today. It's unpredictable everywhere and not always in the constituents' best interest. As far as the media goes, I don't think their political coverage ever goes particularly deep enough. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some kind of conspiracy theorist. It just seems that the media doesn't probe too deeply when it doesn't suit their angle or there's no blood involved. Most Americans would probably change the channel anyway. As far as Black goes, I don't really know the guy so it's all conjecture. It seems
  5. Does anyone have any updated information or pictures about this project?
  6. On that point, I would agree. However, the school is there - they came to Charlotte on a promise and, by all intentions, they are a "good neighbor". I can't think of a situation where investing in a school campus has been detrimental, economically or otherwise, to a community. The Carolina Journal describes the sale as "outmaneuvering" the legistative process. The land sale was turned into one big peeing contest with intent to show Black that he can't just throw money around. OK. Now, the land has been sold under market value, J&W would still like to expand but now will likely not have
  7. Not living there yet, I have been trying to keep up with this story for a while but it is certainly difficult. I have to say that IMO this deal smells. The following is just my opinion, mind you, but anyone can look at the public records to see the facts. Easley had the opportunity to write off $8m of debt for $5.5 in a land swap deal with J & W. Would any of you pass on the chance to save $2.5m for your kids??? OK - even if for some reason the cash was needed right now, the last minute way in which things were done knocked other developers out of the loop that were ready to buy for $7m
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