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  1. Yes, I was referring to the track that parallels Graham St. If you drive down into the 3rd ward on the other side of the tracks, it's different. It's completely isolated. Yes, there are some new condo buildings and some of the projects over there are hopefully going to revamp that area, but the tracks sure hinder its uptown feel. To comment on retail stalls, boy that's a wish. I agree with you, that'd be nice, but you'll never see that happen until uptown becomes really dense. As far as moving the freight yard, I had heard that was going to happen after the airport expansion. Guess
  2. We are starting to see surface lots removed little by little. I've only lived uptown for a few years and have already seen three full blocks and many half blocks of surface lots get ripped up to make room for buildings and/or parking garages. So it's coming. Yet, there is surely a lonnnng way to go in 1st Ward & 3rd Ward. But if UNCC ever moves forward with their plans, 1st Ward will be completely changed. My wish: I'd love to see the city somehow, through one heck of a miracle, find a way to move the rail line that disects through the city. It completely splits uptown. And yes, I
  3. I had heard through the grapevine that someone had purchased it, but I doubt the accuracy of that source. About Ridgeway condos, I agree. Those look entirely out of place. I'm not sure how the "Elizabeth elite" could approve of that yet disapprove of the development at 7th/Clement. Oh well.
  4. Sorry, I just now found that thread. Yes, disappointing, indeed. That whole area needs a facelift. Anyways, thanks!
  5. Looks better than the "ski lodge" to me. They sort of match the townhomes on Park Dr. Whatever happened to those plans? What's the latest??? Also, I heard that someone bought the apartments on Ridgeway Ave across the street from the new townhomes that backs up to the Clarice Ave Elizabeth Place condos. Does anyone have any info on plans for that land?
  6. Elizabeth St is looking good. I ran by there last week and, although it's all ripped to shreds, I do see the potential that street has. The culinary school on 7th & Kings will look good there, as it ought to help shape that corner of Elizabeth. Mercy is shaping up too - looks close to completion. What's the latest regarding the General Dollar on 7th Street? Last I heard, they were tearing down that area for apartments. And what about Philosopher's Stone?? I thought that place was doomed a year ago. I'm glad to see that it's still there - I never wanted it to leave in the first pl
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