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  1. I look at this periodically because I like this project, but I resolved not to post, as I don't want to burst anyone's bubble that Charlotte isn't a real city. This was too good to pass up though! Trust me: a hick town like Charlotte is not getting a Foster any time soon (if ever). Foster is far more suited to a nice lowrise project in Chapel Hill since it's far more cosmopolitan and erudite than Charlotte. Charlotte will just keep building heinous, 20 to 30 story, eyesore residentials like the Ascent and Skyhouse.
  2. Since moving back to NC, I thought it would be fun to participate in this forum. This is ridiculous. Fortunately, Chapel Hill is more cosmopolitan. Most of you are great. For the Insecure, good luck! I'm not interested in childish banter.
  3. I would like to, but a few numbnuts acted like 5 year olds when I expressed an opinion. I have spoken highly of this project from the time the first rendering was released and look forward to seeing the progress when I attend Panther games.
  4. I'm honestly shocked by the insecurity of some people. Charlotte is a nice little city, but in my view, Cincinnati is a much nicer little city. Indianapolis, imo, also blows the doors off of Clt. I like old architecture. I find it absurd that anyone would care, let alone be offended by that opinion. Cincinnati
  5. That's true. I simply stated my opinion. Not everyone likes old buildings. I do. Nonetheless, Hamboner and Lewy apparently were offended that I said other cities were better. That's absurd. London is my favorite city, but I would not be offended if people preferred NY or Paris. I simply wouldn't care. As someone initially from NY, I regard Clt as a nice little city. To me, it's tiny, but I like it. If some of these guys can't take the fact that not everyone thinks it's the next Dubai or Shanghai, then they need mental counseling.
  6. Cincinnati, Pittsburg, SLC, and Denver have beautiful old architecture which CLT lacks. I like old buildings and prefer those cities for that reason.
  7. If you're so insecure about Charlotte, then you need to consult someone. In my view, Minneapolis, like many other third tier cities, such as Denver, Austin, Portland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Salt Lake, are better than Charlotte. All of the second tier cities (Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Atlanta, and Miami) are better than Charlotte too. It's my opinion.
  8. I'll take Charlotte's typical 55 degree Winters days over Minnesota's 20 degree winters any day!
  9. Personally, I think that Minneapolis is a better city than Charlotte. However, I could not endure those eight month winters.
  10. Does he seriously have a project lined up for Clt? His NY projects in that height range are spectacular.
  11. Hopefully, this will be Clt's tallest tower. A 900 footer by Robert AM Stern would be good!
  12. Very nice! I'd insert a fountains comment, but since I'm the only fountains and sculpture fan, I'll refrain!!
  13. The eastern portion of the Hudson Yarfs isn't 10 acres, and yet, immediately surrounding that plaza are towers of the following heights 1,295', 1,100', 1,050', 990', and 895', together with a 1.2m sf mall. That's sufficiently dense to me. I think that some public gathering space would be ideal for the Observer site. In addition to Rockefeller Center, the World Trade Center, and the Hudson Yards, another great plaza with shops and restaurants is the World Financial Center in the Wall Street area. The parks and plazas are on the point of the Hudson near where it opens to the Harbor and then the Atlantic Ocean. It's a great place to sit and watch the cruise ships going by while enjoying a drink. Charlotte needs to emulate these great public spaces.
  14. I assume you're familiar with Hudson Yards. Something like that with the massive sculpture and gardens would be amazing here. Related said it would be like the 21st Century Rockefeller Center. This interactive sculpture will be the size of a 15 story tower. I'd love to see something like this at the Observer site.
  15. I'd like to see a big plaza with fountains, sculptures, and greenery, and lots of stores like Rockefeller Center, Hudson Yards, or the World Trade Center.
  16. Heinous was extreme. I should've referred to Clt's residential towers as extremely lame, cheap boxes.
  17. That makes sense. Even a 500' version of Verre would be good. For those unfamiliar with these projects, Here are Verre and the Stairway projects.
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