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  1. Do you mean above and beyond what's on their website?
  2. Not exactly sure how this news passed us, but Herndon will be getting a brand new town center. It
  3. Whenever I'm on the beltway I see that project and wonder what/where it is (Google Earth hasn't been updated since it was built).
  4. I think you're right, (at least I hope) because that rendering was the prettiest building I've seen.
  5. It's a differnet project, this one is at the Reston Town Center, directly across the street from SoMa.
  6. Okay, I promise this is the last post in a row. This is called the Dominion at the Reston Town Center and is 15 stories, and only proposed.
  7. On another note, this Democracy Tower is almost like the Signature Tower that never got built (9 garage floors + 10 office floors = 19 floors of Signature Tower). And while I was at Emporis looking this up, I found out the 2, 16 story Parc Reston towers are supposed to start construction this year. I wonder if the housing slump will affect this?
  8. Nice plans about the Spectrum. Judging from the diagram it looks like they're making up for the low FARs with lots of (too much) open space. Or is that "open space" parking garages? Either way I'd prefer the buildings where shorter, but took up more space. Also I'm 99% postive the Democracy tower will be built totaly on top of the garage. I've been to the top of the garage, and all the spaces are painted, and besides the floors aren't level, which would create a horrendous office enviroment. The below image, taken about a year ago shows what I mean.
  9. Tysons Mall project may scale back When developer Macerich won approval a year ago to convert the Tysons Corner Center into an urban core of office, retail and living space, the decision was hung on one major contingency: the successful construction of an adjacent Metrorail line.Now that the rail-to-Dulles project, which would have added four new stations in Tysons, has all but collapsed, Macerich may be forced to turn to a scaled-back plan it quietly passed as a fallback. It could mean a 3.5 million-square-foot mall expansion touted as the premier example of
  10. Thanks, one of my tricks is shooting in the few hours before and after sunset. Plus taking lots of pictures, even of the same subject, and only selecting the best one. Another of JBGs faux urban projects, this one is Woodland Park in Herndon. It features a Haris Teeter, cleverly disguises a parking garage and pretty much follows new urbanism standards. It's a five minute walk from the future Herndon Monroe station.
  11. More from the Reston Heights project, this is the Mercer Condominums. Seen to the far right in the photo above
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