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  1. Everyone email these people to show your support if you want this project. We don’t want to lose out on such beautiful buildings bc people who are afraid they’ll lose their view out voice us
  2. 5 million for .34 acre small building. They’ve got to have plans in place to go vertical or it makes zero sense to pay this price...
  3. I wonder how long it will be before the other parcel across the street (2 acres where 3rd and Lindsley is) gets bought by a developer. Hard to find that much land in SoBro.
  4. What is that little home? Is there a business in there...do you think the building will ever be improved? Seems odd for the location
  5. Any word on the other matching building across the street from this that 3rd and Lindsley is in? Are they selling that one too?
  6. Why would a car dealership want a 1 acre lot downtown. Seems kind of small and pricey for that use?
  7. I'm curious about the micro apartment building going up at 3rd Ave S. 174 units seems like a lot on what looks to be little more than a 1/4 acre of land. We could get a lot of density if we get more infill like this.
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