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  1. nashwatcher

    Nashville Public Art

    Beautiful building. Think it will remain a church or eventually be converted into a downtown restaurant/coffee shop/etc?
  2. nashwatcher


    Urban Target where the Mission is. Perfect location (close to the interstate and Lafayette can handle more traffic). Give them a chunk of change to build a better facility to better serve the homeless population near downtown on the East Bank.
  3. That would be amazing if Amazon sponsored a transit system downtown Prime Express!
  4. NY had to pay extra to be competitive due to the cost of living for the workers
  5. I’m speaking of the 8 story limit over parts of the inner loop. 20 stories is much more reasonable.
  6. Our downtown is about to become even more vibrant than it currently is. What are the chances Metro will now lift the height restrictions??? In the decade to come it's likely many more investors with big pockets will want to pour their money into our downtown and it seems crazy to have all of these restrictions when they no longer serve us. Within the loop it seems insane to have these limits. The loop provides a natural barrier and towers throughout will look good and increase density. We've got to think 50 years out and should change these artificial height limits now IMO
  7. nashwatcher

    More Accolades for Nashville

    ? The article says that cities that don't figure out transit "will likely see growth slow in future years" and cities with transit will be able "handle growth better". Either you didn't read the end of the article or you're being intentionally dishonest. As more and more people come, transit becomes more of an issue. That's why it's a good idea to plan ahead of time instead of getting stuck with a transit mess 30 years from now.
  8. How long do you predict until we hear another tower announcement for Green Hills?
  9. nashwatcher

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    There are so many large hotels around KVB now it's almost comical. Hopefully the lack of diversity won't adversely impact this area.
  10. nashwatcher

    More Accolades for Nashville

    5.6% that's pretty darn strong isn't it?
  11. I wonder how the parking will look for these buildings since they're not apparently going underground
  12. nashwatcher

    Soccer in Nashville

    There’s two options. It was somewhere in the Plan for Nashville or some similar sounding document that someone posted on here a year or so ago. I forget exactly how the planners laid out the two options.
  13. nashwatcher

    Soccer in Nashville

    With the street grid improvements that are the first stage of this project, any chance they'll make the initial moves to align Wedgwood with Fesslers? Hopefully they think long term for this area.
  14. nashwatcher

    Soccer in Nashville

    if the waste facility discussion is 20 minutes will the soccer one take hours?
  15. nashwatcher

    Soccer in Nashville

    12 voted for the resolution, 25 against that a bad sign that 12 CMs voted to send this to a referendum (hopefully all 12 aren't NO votes trying to slow this project down)