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  1. GREAT NEWS. Anyone paying $35 million for the land is going to develop something substantial here
  2. any guesstimates on how long it will take to rebuild what was damaged?
  3. How are they getting 264 million for a building they just built for around 100 million???
  4. Encouraging to hear he’s trying to get the Oracle deal done
  5. Cooper has to move this forward or he has lost all integrity in my mind
  6. I agree. I think a line down Murfreesboro from the airport to downtown is the perfect first step. The convention center owns the land where the line would terminate downtown. The airport and convention center could contribute some of their excess funds so that there isn’t much impact on the taxpayer. It’s really a win-win all around.
  7. The numbers here are off single family grew from 308 to 324 condominiums grew from 222 to 269
  8. How is that possible? Is that solely due to interest rates making mortgages more affordable?
  9. We need dedicated lanes and a straight shot from the airport to downtown. I really hope this administration doesn’t kick this down the road. We need to start. And I don’t mean more buses.
  10. Putting the brakes on huge opportunities like getting Oracle?? I understand focusing on finances but we can still grow our economy at the same time with incentives. These two aren't mutually exclusive!
  11. Anyone know what other lots Tony owns that he could move forward with another tower on? Appreciate this guy for all the work he does for our downtown
  12. We need many, many more Bento Box micro apartment developments. Just makes so much sense for more affordable rent near the core.
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