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  1. 9 acres feels like a huge opportunity here. Hopefully Elmington will go big
  2. Is it possible this could be turned into a big urban park? With a connection to the boat area park they're creating?
  3. What are the odds we get the bridge over the east bank that connects to hermitage ave? Seems like it would be very helpful long term to have another bridge across the river
  4. What odds do you guys give of this actually happening? 25%? Would be exciting
  5. A little surprised. That area seems like it would be great for apartments. I wonder if the Publix/apartments that might go on 40th and Charlotte are making any progress or if that's dead too
  6. Why do we think Madison Cap will do self storage instead of apartments?
  7. Any rumors what might be developed at 5330 Charlotte (home to Great Escape) that Elmington paid $17 million for in January? It's such an underutilized site currently
  8. Think they’ll redo the Fesslers interchange? We definitely need to improve traffic flow as our city grows
  9. Seems like economic development would be a very good thing for that area…instead of just leaving it to be a ‘mess’
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