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  1. Glad they're working to make scooters a part of our transportation infrastructure! Keep on working out the kinks and we'll benefit from integrating transportation options like this long term
  2. I think we'll see Lafayette really pop from the roundabout to the interstate in the next 5 years. Especially if we get an airport light rail line ending at 4th/Elm
  3. Agree 100%. This wall calls for a massive mural...someone contact someone please!!!
  4. I’m excited to see what they do with their taller apartment building next door. Anybody heard if they’re planning to break ground after this one is complete?
  5. Sixth South apartments will buy this lot right? Seems to make sense for them to utilize
  6. i HOPE they go in this direction. it's got great potential...now we just need lanes and enforcement!
  7. Most of the land in lower SoBro is currently owned by developers. They’ll be forced to build a bunch of 6-12 story buildings. Once that land is gone, no more opportunities for increased density from taller more ambitious towers that could have gone there. In 50 years we’ll be looking back wondering why we warped the free market with height restrictions and didn’t allow increased density in our core IMO... Height restrictions should be thrown out
  8. That made sense when Nashville was growing the way it used to grow. Now with all of the development and more on the way, it no longer makes sense.
  9. Does anyone in Metro Council have an idea how ridiculous the height restrictions are? Should we email the downtown council member? Anyone have his/her email?
  10. What if Amazon helped fund bike/scooter lanes throughout downtown? They could even test out their autonomous delivery bots in the lanes in the years to come.
  11. 4 blocks? That’s not what they’re used for. They’re used for more like 30 minute walks. In the future because they’re no longer available i’ll need to get an Uber. Which means more cars causing more congestion downtown. Sad our government leaders have decided to throw the baby out with the bath water. No effort to work hard and figure out how to fix the issues.
  12. Not impressed with Briley's lack of effort to figure out how to fix the current problems associated with scooters and allow us as a city to utilize the potential of this form of transit. Instead, we're just banning them. Seems so so so short sighted. Get rid of on the street parking in favor of bike/scooter lanes where people can get around without an automobile. More and more cars downtown as the years pass is NOT the solution. If NYC can make bike lanes work so well, we can do something as well. The need is clearly there.
  13. Why can’t they make dedicated bike/scooter lanes with slanted parking areas in the lanes? This form of transportation has so much potential to help with car congestion downtown it seems silly to just throw the idea out because it’s currently not functioning optimally. Makes changes to the lanes. Encourage intelligent usage of this form of transportation.
  14. This would be a fantastic location. Anyone know any of the people behind the MLB idea to suggest it to them? Or in Metro?
  15. Hopefully they do the light rail line down Murfreesboro Rd from the airport before then?? There's an obvious need for that and then we can use that model to show the public how well it works (with at least 3-4 stops along Murfreesboro Rd to encourage development). The future lines could tie in to the station on Lafayette that's built for the airport line.
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