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  1. Let me guess, 20-25 million for an acre? I can't believe the 3rd and Lindsley 2 acre block hasn't sold
  2. I mean the developers next door paid like 35 million for the Cumulus land...I don't see them backing down from a few lawsuit-happy individuals who think they're entitled to their unobstructed views even though they're living in a downtown where tall buildings naturally go...do they really want to stop high quality development and stunt the beauty of this area so they can maintain their views for an extra few months before the buildings on KVB are built? Crazy
  3. They're living in downtown Nashville. Development is going to happen. You're getting beautiful buildings added to your neighborhood, a good amount of green space, and increased vibrancy. You're losing an ugly industrial, run down complex. In life you should choose what you fight for. This lawsuit seems like such a waste of energy
  4. If he's leasing the property back to them, I wonder how long it will take for the property to actually get developed?
  5. Any word on Alto project on Murfreesboro Rd? Did it get height approval in the October meeting?
  6. 3.9 acres is pretty big for one building…what’s a comparable in Nash?
  7. Any word on the 2 acre site across the street where 3rd and Lindsey is? Seems like this should be snapped up soon, it’s been for sale for awhile…
  8. With all of the out of town developers with deep pockets wanting to invest in this up and coming city, all of those lots will easily be gobbled up in the coming decade. The "clusters" that we're seeing with unite together and we'll have a vibrant, dense downtown...what we don't want is to get a bunch of 5 story stick frame apartment buildings instead of the architecturally beautiful buildings we're currently starting to see become the new norm...I have great hope in 10 years we'll have an incredibly alive, urban downtown that will be the envy of many other cities... Luckily we're one of the "IT" cities in the country right now and we're blessed to have investors willing to come to us with big, transformative proposals
  9. Trying to grasp the scale of 2nd and Peabody and the Cumulus site. Would these two together be about half of Nashville Yards?
  10. Realistically what can we do as a city to allow young people to have a shot at home ownership? Encourage denser condo/townhome development all around the core? There’s a lot of industrial land that could be utilized for this purpose if we invested in some of our underdeveloped corridors (Murfreesboro Rd for example)
  11. Anybody have any idea who the buyer might be/how big of a project will go on these 4 acres? Please don’t tell me a double wide 5 story stick frame
  12. Hopefully gets approved. Dense housing along Murfreesboro Pike would be great…would help revitalize that whole area. Lots of industrial buildings that could be converted
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