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  1. I can't wait to ride the new escalator over Post Road to rent a car at the new Interlink. That should be exciting and worth the wait. Not.
  2. Does anyone know when construction will begin in Wickford and who the GC is? Thanks
  3. So they had a contest to name the new train station at the airport and they come up with the winning name of Interlink. And yesterday the DOT spokesperson says that there will be expanded train service from Providence to the "New Intermodal Station". Doesn't he know about the contest. Will the expanded train service involve the MBTA or is there another provider lined up? October is coming fast.
  4. The more trains stopping the better. What RIPTA should have is a shuttle that goes from Wickford to Providence and back with stops every 15 minutes. You would need a few trains to keep that schedule. The problem with only 4 trains a day will be most travellers will not want to wait more than 15-25 minutes for the next train. Anything longer and they will want to take a cab or bus. Otherwise this station will be more to let people off who are coming to the airport rather than picking passengers up who have just landed.
  5. I think the governor likes to have these press events because he looks so handsome with the contstruction hat on. But I am glad there is no glass up on the walkway yet as we are about to get some weather via the tropics in the next few weeks. They will be able to find the orange mesh in Boston after 8/24. When the first train stops in Warwick and Don and entourage get off I will believe it.
  6. There should definitely be an agreement already signed by the state and the MBTA. The state should also work on getting an agreement with the State of Conn. to extend the Shore Line route east to Providence. If there are not trains stopping on the day that the new station opens in Sept. 2010 the governor and the entire state will look foolish. P&W should also be encouraged to run an in state train from Westerly to Woonsocket every day using the exising freight rail and stations. If addtional stations come on line they can be added to the route. (Cranston, EG, Pawtucket/CF, Wickford) The fourth option would be for Amtrak to also stop there. that will only happen if ridership increases and there is a demand for a station stop.
  7. Most people who have a choice will choose pvd over logan at any chance they can because of the ease of geting in and out of the airport. the cost to park also is a concern. it is much cheaper to park at green and there is space not far from the terminal. The other factor will be the demand from southern RI and CT. when the station is completed.
  8. Has anyone else been to Prov. Place recently? It is starting to look worn. the rugs are all wrinkled and one escalator was not working this week. Also spotted one vacant store front. The new CVS is a plus however. And the air conditoning didn't seem to be working to well also. Not sure if much can be done with the owner in bankruptcy.
  9. The parking garage is going up quickly as is the skybridge. This will be an impressive station when it is completed.
  10. It doesn't take much imagination to see that once the runway is extended and train station built, TF Green will become an attractive location for airlines wanting to expand into NE just as Southwest did. If you build it they will come. From east and west.
  11. Thanks Mental for the pictures. Things are finally taking shape there. It will be exciting to see the progress over the next few years. The ability to transfer to a train in the event of bad weather will distinguish PVD from the other arirports in the area.
  12. How is the constuction going at the Airport? Any pictures? Any updates? thanks.
  13. There are a lot of appartments and houses for rent near PC I have noticed this year. Traditionally students rent these units but there are now appartment style dorms on campus and so many of the off campus houses are available. I would look on Huxley, River, Eaton, or Smith St. the bus also travels down and around campus so you are not that far from the bus line.
  14. Longer runway = international flights (Ryan Air, Virgin Atlantic) International flights = more domestic flights more domestic/International flights = more tourists more tourists = more hotels more hotels = more money spent in RI wealthy Europeans = US branches of Euro companies locating to Metro Prov./Warwick
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