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  1. Yes, looks like plans to make Coit bridge more than just a overpass and make it something really ornate and very pedestrian friendly are moving forward. Last I heard 3/4 of the additional 2 million that was needed for the extras was committed too, or at least that's what it sounded like. Feb 10, 4:00 to 7:00 p.m City of Grand Rapids planning office, Mdot is holding an open house regarding this project.
  2. That's a very good point. I sat in on a presentation a couple of years ago that one of the top guys at spectrum was giving, and I asked that question..." What is going to be done about food services?" He said that THAT was the top question by Spectrum staff. I think GRDAD is correct... I also have heard a food court might possibly be added in the last tower to be built. In my opinion, the problem with that is that it will more than likely be more of the same kind of food you can get at Spectrum now. (Nothing authentic) and also when you work in a institution all day, or sit with a patient~ it's great to take a walk and get a bite OUTSIDE the building. Of course, that leaves you McDonald's and anything that might pop up beyond that will be to far away for those with only a 30 minute break. I don't know if any of you guys have been paying attention, but probably the clearest thing coming from the work that was done on the Belknap draft ASP was that the overwhelming consensus of Belknap residents want to bring back some services to the neighborhood like a deli or coffee shop and more. However, now it's a question of the effect and how does something like neighborhood commercial work in the Belknap neighborhood? The primary focus for location revolved around the Coit and Hastings corner along with Lafayette. While I think both locations have merit, I think the Coit and Hastings corridor fits the idea of that walkable neighborhood center a whole lot better, and when you throw in the new Coit bridge in 2010 you have the potential to create something that not only will be able to provide services to the neighborhood but also to those who work on Medical Mile. (let's face it, if we can't get them to cross the bridge, services in Belknap would never survive anyhow. but I think people would appreciate a 5 minute walk to sit at a cafe)
  3. That's amazing, and great for the city. I tell you, I have never seen so much concentrated construction like whats taking place on Michigan st. anywhere, and thats coming from a guy who grew up in Chicago through the ninety's, during one of its biggest building booms. (which sometimes seems like it has never stopped)
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