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  1. As of today there is a large precast structure starting to appear on the Jefferson Blvd. side of the tracks.
  2. There is a new addition going up at the Wheeler school. It appears to have a fairly modern aesthetic placed between two historic brick buildings. It is located west of Hope Street on Meeting Street.
  3. Have no fear Frymaster, they get plenty of coffee breaks and are making more than enough money to buy their own. Plus if you have ever met a steel and/iron worker you would understand that they don't feel anything. Heat and Cold in particular.
  4. I drove past the airport today and noticed a couple of REBAR cages up for the walkway columns in the parking lot. Sorry but I was not getting out of the car to take pictures.
  5. Using that rationale we should be handing out free television sets on every street corner. The bandwidth and airwaves are free capturing those air waves and listening or watching it has never been free.
  6. Michael O'Leary of RYANAIR (an irish discount carrier) has already stated that they would like to start transatlantic flights within the next 4-5 years with Providence being one of his airports of choice. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/travel/ne...icle1645813.ece I like the way they refer to Providence as being "ON" Rhode Island.
  7. Post deleted by fjmarch due to incorrect information. Thanks for clarifying mental
  8. While most consider this to be lethal BAC, there was a report in 2005 in Europe of someone blowing .91.
  9. Obits in the projo were free up until about 2-3years ago when BELO started to take control of the paper.
  10. All of these commuter rail stops are still only paper stops , the state still does not have an access agreement from AMTRAK.
  11. The trailers were located at the corner of Kilvert Street and Imera Ave. Kilvert is the intersection that is the exit from the airport adjacent to the Parking Garages. This road has an overpass at the railroad to Jefferson Blvd. so it makes sense to have access from here. Trucks can exit the Airport Connector or 95 south directly onto Jefferson and avoid post road. I still have my concerns about not having Amtrak approval.
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