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  1. Looked like the crossing gates weren't coming down, starting around East/West.
  2. They almost made it 12 hours without a service disruption. Also on Tuesday, the 6:13am from South/485 almost made it to Tyvola before the headlights died. Everyone had to get off at Woodlawn in the dark, near-80 degree weather and wait for the next train, which was 15 minutes behind.
  3. I was on the same exact train. It looked like the fare inspector was training one of the new safety guys on all the possible "excuses" people would have and what to look for.
  4. As a Duke Energy employee, I'd like to disagree. I've taken the LRT daily since November 26th and I use the Stonewall station. It's 2 1/2 blocks to my building and I've seen 4-10 other people using that each time I've gotten on or off.
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