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  1. Anything is possible here. Murfreesboro has gotten expensive, but still cheaper than Franklin. Rutherford Co is very aspirational in terms of being an alternative to Nashville, Franklin, and Mt Juliet. James Opendra
  2. What about I-24W from Nashville to KY stateline... through Clarksville. It's only 2 lanes. I cringe every time I go through there. Not enough lanes to handle the volume.
  3. This project could usher in a redevelopment of Second street and Riverside drive (which used to be the busiest intersection in the state) . I can imagine many possibilities for the nearby Two Rivers Mall too.
  4. Now, will this serve as a Convention Center too? Needs a decent hotel nearby and the 40 year old Roadway Inn won't suffice. Clarksville's population is approaching 200,000 people. It maybe too small before it's even built....
  5. Where are the really high paying jobs ( $100k++++ )in our community to support these developments? Am I missing something or have I just missed out????
  6. Yeah. It has been open for quite a bit of time now. Rally nice renderings and pic though. Any news of redeveloping the "church" with condos, hotel and retail one block off the square? Seems that project has stalled?
  7. I just don't know how I feel about this. Pushing out the older homes with tall and skinnies . Gentrification at it's finest.
  8. So nothing like Sevierville or Southaven in terms of size? Maybe smaller is better...
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