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  1. So why are we comparing Little Rock to larger cities again??? I'm originally from Benton, but now live in Houston. Granted, there are many advantages to living in a bigger city, but NOTHING in Houston, Dallas or San Antonio is going to compare to the natural beauty that Little Rock metros have. Someone said there's "nothing to do in Little Rock" besides the Clinton library... get a bicycle, hike up Pinnacle mountain, go rafting, or spend a nice evening in the River Market. Bored after doing all that??? Go to Hot Springs!!!! I mean come on... we're talking a small/mid-sized metro here. An
  2. I'm still willing to go with Ft. Smith, especially considering the current economic climate. GenY is a completely different ballgame from GenX and the Babyboomers. They have an interest in inner cities and older areas, and don't mind a little "grit" as the trade-off for access to amenities. Springdale's growth model has worked well for most of the aughts, but with the 2008/2009 Recession, suburbs everywhere are in trouble.
  3. I think Jonesboro is well on its way to reaching the 100k mark. Infrastructure is an issue, but not as much as one might think. The city is well-known to those who go/went to college there, and has a good business climate. As mentioned earlier in the thread, Jonesboro is also undergoing some important internal improvements to make it a more livable city for its residents... this will continue to foster a strong growth pool based on regional leadership. From a sociological perspective, Memphis and Jonesboro appeal to different types of people for different reasons, which means Jonesboro wil
  4. Seconded!!!! The flight from LR to Memphis takes less time than a brief stop at a social gathering (UNDER 40 mins from takeoff to touchdown) and is barely worth all of the airport hassle. If we had a high speed system like the ones in Europe, the LR to Memphis trip would be an hour flat, provided that the train could travel at 140mph.
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