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  1. BWINDI- in no way am I trying to discredit any work that has been done. Obviously if Mdot is planning on changing the bridges- it is smart to ask them to do so, with taste. This forum seems to be fullfilling some sort of satisfaction to my debating ego! (you are probably better at it). I did go and purchase a book on GR NEIGHBORHOODS due to the onset of this discussion. Funny, the highway tore the neighborhood up in the beginning and now it will help to rebuild it- from rebuilding it. (FULL CIRCLE) It seems that when the neighborhood was built ORIGINALLY- it was built with TASTE.
  2. WOW JASONSQUIRESDO- my sentiments - EXACTLY. you have to watch the word GENTRIFICATION around people that seek govt money for everything. They are like higher educated welfare recipients. They forget that if taxes are increased - so are the values of their home. It is all relative.
  3. THat building is terribly ugly. A modern slick glass 3 story apt or condo would be great there (VERY URBAN) my thoughts- the city should trade the park near the end with the current owner - and tear that building down and put a park in its place! (GOTTA LOVE GREEN SPACE!)
  4. I am ABSOLUTELY not talking about the complex on the left side of Fairview. That is VERY 70's. There is a beautiful, I think it is 4 units (maybe 6???) across the street from that complex. It looks like a stucco building. Looks like it would be a great place for a roof top garden. (the ones you see in the urban living mags). Flat roof. great view. I think there is also 7 beautiful homes on the left side of Fairview. If the houses looked anything like those- especially the one that looks like it should be in Italy- Everyone would want to live there! Newberry Place- do they
  5. I have no angst towards NOBL(?) or that neighborhood. I just find it humorous that anyone would believe that a neighborhood hasn't revitalized itself due to a bridge. (That is much like saying "I couldn't get the dishes done because my dishwasher was broke"- even though the sink works just fine). There are beautiful houses there that shouldn't get bulldozed, I am in agreement. However, that is only like 10 percent of the neighborhood. The rest of it is pretty dumpy. Sorry to say that, but I am an outsider looking in. Oh and BTW, I BELIEVE, had Wealthy Street not prep
  6. I know- I was reaching. Heard that Spectrum was going to have a hotel built on Michigan Street anyways for long term patients families. I really do think that a new bridge would be nice. but as soon as you drive over that bridge- It seems like there would be nicer things to look at!
  7. Hey FLOYDZ - I read your thoughts about high density housing in Belknap. I am with you on that! Seems like it would be the perfect place other then what is there. there is a beautiful multi unit building on the right side of Hastings and Fairview. I am thinking some more of those buildings with roof top decks and roof gardens/green space! NOW THAT IS URBAN LIVING! anyone heard of any plans for change?????? I saw a couple of places for sale up there- but it doesn't seem like anything with a view is for sale???? From Coit to Lafayette doesn't seem that appealing.
  8. okay, you are correct- most of the homes are late eighteen hundreds early nineteen hundreds- but it seems the true character of those homes have been ripped from them and replaced with 60's and 70's style building materials. I am an urban resider - and have lived in many large cities. Diversity does not frighten me- rather pulling to a stop sign and someone flagging you down to see if you are there to purchase drugs-bothers me. If you look at GR/Wealthy Street district- they worked hard at restoring homes (the right way) or building new (the right way) or adding commercial- before they
  9. [uote name=GRDadof3' date='Jan 25 2008, 10:41 AM' post='924663] I think you're right. People on the Northeast side could take Leonard, Knapp, 3 Mile, Plainfield, Monroe, I-96, etc.. People on the East side could take Fulton, Lake Drive, Michigan, etc.. And it's not like 131 which not only serves commuters but is a major state trunkline. An article at WZZM mentions: Art Green of the Michigan Department of Transportation says the project is not an expansion, rather a "rehabilitation" of the exisitng interstate. That includes corridor aesthetics, mobility for pedestrians across the C
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