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  1. An Apple store is not just another store. It’s big time to have one in our great city. That said, I use all Apple products and buy everything using their online store. It’s so easy to buy online. There is no need to visit a store.
  2. This is exciting and beautiful. Does anyone else think it's odd that there is no mention of Mauldin in the package? I guess the leaders of Mauldin are okay with only Greenville being highlighted?
  3. Target just announced one of its small format stores is coming to King St. in Charleston. This concept would do well in downtown Greenville too. https://www.postandcourier.com/business/target-to-open-small-format-store-on-king-street-in-downtown-charleston/article_2938b66e-8dae-11eb-ac42-afc8e1704344.html
  4. Good news. That corner deserves something more appealing to the eye. It's also good for a long time Greenville institution that has a loyal following. I hope business is good at the new location.
  5. “Greenville-Spartanburg airport revives hotel plans for passenger terminal.” https://www.postandcourier.com/greenville/business/greenville-spartanburg-airport-revives-hotel-plans-for-passenger-terminal/article_308c7d08-8686-11eb-833c-6739c457c520.html
  6. GSP named best airport in North America (in its size category). https://www.postandcourier.com/greenville/business/greenville-hosts-sec-basketball-gsp-airport-best-in-north-america-commerce-club-closing/article_b6a3a350-7a9f-11eb-b33a-8bc30b5ae373.html
  7. It is not a town center at all.
  8. Exactly. Hale's does not need to be in a congested high traffic area. They have second and third generation customers, from all over the world. Hale's is indeed a destination jewelry. I will add, there is no town center shopping area in the Upstate, certainly not on Woodruff Rd.
  9. Interesting concept for downtown Greenville. Check out the menu. “7 years in the making: Better Than Sex - A Dessert Restaurant to open in Greenville.” https://www.betterthansexdesserts.com
  10. Good decision for Smith & James. I don't understand why any small business wants to remain in Greenridge. It's a mess. "Smith & James to relocate Greenville store." https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/business-news/smith-james-to-relocate-greenville-store/
  11. Rumors Lewis BBQ will be going into Tommy’s Ham House building. https://gvltoday.6amcity.com/lewis-barbecue-takes-over-tommys-greenville-sc/ https://lewisbarbecue.com
  12. It sounds like the height will fit in well with the surrounding area. I am looking forward to seeing the drawings.
  13. I love tall buildings, but the setting of this site does not warrant a 20 story building. I can see a taller building on the old post office site, but please, not here. I hope it’s not more than 5 or 6 stories tall.
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