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  1. I vote no on another bridge. What we have is an icon. It’s the only one we need.
  2. Too much talking. Just get on with it already.
  3. gman


    When you travel to other cities, you will notice this is not just a Greenville problem. Some people are lazy. Some don’t care. For some, it’s just who they are. Trash.
  4. Some folks must live a glass half empty life. Stay positive. Life is too short otherwise. This project will not be cancelled.
  5. gman

    The McClaren

    Be patient. The McClaren just received financing so construction will began after the first of the years. County Square is going to happen.
  6. That building is ugly and needs to come down one way or the other. Folks, be patient. This project is going to happen, and it’s going to be awesome
  7. Meanwhile, this particular development is moving fast.
  8. I am not sure if you are talking about the Democrats or the Trumplicans. As a conservative, I don't have a clue anymore what either party stands for. That said, this project will move forward. It means too much for the city and the county to allow it to stop.
  9. TG is a destination. In these days of word of mouth and social media, signage advertising is a complete waste of money.
  10. gman

    The McClaren

    Sad times? Really? Glass half empty? It's the best of times for our area.
  11. Oak Hill Cafe draws attention from Post and Courier. https://www.postandcourier.com/food/forked_path/one-of-greenville-s-newest-restaurants-already-deserves-to-be/article_da19c504-f38b-11e9-a548-07952fdc9d63.html
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