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  1. We need more mass hysteria to get rid of this thing. The misinformation is coming from the White House. Yes, poor decisions have been made by the White House and by governers. Most importantly, poor decisions are being made by American citizens. Covid is THE reason the football season is being disrupted.
  2. Look back at the comments, beginning with the person that asked if the mural was about BLM. Also read the post about people making comments on Facebook. Politics were in the conversation. Back to the mural, I road by it this morning. It is spectacular. Can’t wait to see the finished product.
  3. Not political at all. Have you heard what some of the racists are saying about the mural? Seriously, I stand by my comments. There are people in this area that will attempt to vandalize the mural just because it has a black child on it and because they think taxpayers are paying for it. Sad and scary times for America.
  4. Another victim of the no-mask wearing conspiracy theorists.
  5. Sadly, there are plenty of bigots around here that are probably already planning to vandalize the mural, thinking it has something to do with the black lives matter movement. Heck, Trump might even be here himself to help with the effort.
  6. That bank has been closed for at least a year.
  7. A quick look at the Greenville County RMC website shows the Sears building and parking lot (14.14 acres) is in the name of Tf Greenville SC LLC, with a Miami address. The previous owner was SRC Facilities. The deed changed names in 2019. Before that, it was in the name of Sears Roebuck Co. It looks to be all connected, just name entity changes. https://www.gcgis.org/apps/GreenvilleJS/?PIN=0284000201422
  8. It's a beautiful piece of art trying to hide an ugly piece of architecture.
  9. Laugh all you want to, people are dying because some refuse to wear a mask.
  10. https://twitter.com/cctvidiots/status/1287392935193919489?s=21
  11. Wrong again. You can spread it by simply coughing or sneezing, releasing droplets into the air. This is from the CDC website: What counts as close contact? You were within 6 feet of someone who has COVID-19 for at least 15 minutes You provided care at home to someone who is sick with COVID-19 You had direct physical contact with the person (touched, hugged, or kissed them) You shared eating or drinking utensils They sneezed, coughed, or somehow got respiratory droplets on you
  12. A bit of good news. "Prisma Health sees recent decline in Upstate COVID-19 hospitalizations." https://www.greenvilleonline.com/sto...ns/5494570002/
  13. It is encouraging news about the vaccine. As for wanting our kids back in school, there is no one that does not want that to happen. It's not like someone that has concerns does not want kids back in school. Everyone wants their kids back in school.
  14. Most reporters on the main networks are objective. For example, Lester Holt is the best in the business. He is fair and shows no bais. He reports the facts. The cable networks are a different story, with CNN and FOX being the worst. However, as a conservative, I do like Neil Cavuto. He is very fair. I can watch Dana Perino too. The online only news sources are mostly bogus.
  15. I choose to get my information from real news sources that report the facts straight from the medical experts, not from conspiracy websites. Except for the small amount of nonsense that is posted by a few on this forum, I don't read any misinformation. Where would it be found?
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