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  1. gman

    Grand Bohemian Hotel
  2. gman

    Master Plan Results

    Is there a plan for the city that is different from the plan for downtown?
  3. gman

    Greenville City Manager

    We are, because we’ve had a great City Manager over these years. Every great city needs a City Manager.
  4. gman

    Greenville City Manager

    Tell that to every great city in America.
  5. gman

    Greenville City Manager

    Or, Greenville could have been too deliberate and lost out on a great candidate. I guess we will never know.
  6. gman

    The Gateway Site

    Timmons was built after the Brown Box was closed. We did not appreciate how great the Brown Box was for a basketball game.
  7. gman

    821 S. Main St. Hotel & Mixed Use

    Banks did not lose a dime on Greenville Mall. The new owners razed it to build what’s there now. You can pick and choose a project or two that did not succeed. Look at the hundreds of other projects that have been successful. Lenders are in the business to take risks. Ninety-nine percent of banks do a great job underwriting those risks. This is a good article from a couple of years ago.
  8. gman

    821 S. Main St. Hotel & Mixed Use

    Banks and investors would not be financing these hotels without the market research. The research must show demand is there now, but more importantly, will be there for a certain number of years.
  9. gman

    Pleasantburg Drive Corridor

    Here is why it is coming down. calendar&materials/2016/May/CHEMail-outMaterialAgenda Item 9.05.A.2.pdf
  10. gman

    Paul McCartney Is Coming To Greenville

    I don’t see how many tickets will be available tomorrow morning. By the way, it looks like there are only two sections open at the lowest price of $29.50. I hate Ticketmaster. It’s a monopoly and they know it. Ridiculous fees.
  11. gman

    Paul McCartney Is Coming To Greenville

    Purchased my tickets this morning!
  12. Updated timeline.
  14. gman

    Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    Except for Poinsett Hwy, Haywood Road might just be the ugliest and most depressing road in all of Greenville. At least Poinsett has a little character.
  15. gman

    Hartness mixed use TND development

    With about 60 rooms.