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  1. This small town of Gunter, TX, about 20 miles north of Frisco, recently made the news for a new development on 1200 acres, 7000 houses, and is expected to increase the population of the town by 10x. Celina is becoming very popular. They are great places to live but we do miss things about Louisiana though.
  2. It’s a hard market for expansion of anything not housing and even there with rates rising and costs being unpredictably high it’s tough. My town added a new stop light at a nearby intersection and they haven’t been able to turn it on for 6 months because a controller they need is on back order.
  3. It’s very fast growth here. Jerry Jones owns a lot of the property in that area so I’d be surprised if it doesn’t happen. It’s also close to the new PGA headquarters so it’s a very key area for growth. Before we know it the burbs will be to Oklahoma.
  4. This is my first contribution in a while but my oldest kid LOVES Cains so we hit up store 1. The old Wolf advertisement is pretty cool.
  5. I wish that intersection was a round a bout years ago.
  6. We have one in The Colony. I don’t care for it much. It doesn’t seem to help traffic much.
  7. I’m out sure what a typical IKEA does revenue wise but I know the DFW Nebraska Furniture Mart, they were disappointed with just missing out on $1 billion of annual revenue. That place is pretty awesome. I bought couch there last week.
  8. I think Ikea’s furniture sucks, but I really like their kitchen and dining room stuff (cups, plates, pans, etc.). That store is very popular, it would be a huge win for DS!
  9. I stayed at the Hampton Inn downtown over the July 4th holiday.
  10. Spot on Cajun. It shows the ineptitude of the state government.
  11. That Ruby Tuesday’s spot has been empty for years. If On The Border is out, hopefully you can get a Chuys. Way better in my opinion of the chain TexMex places.
  12. DFW is definitely pushing for HQ2. The only low marks here is the public transportation.
  13. Nice. I left a little over 2 years ago and haven't looked back.
  14. all2neat

    The Grove

    I left, miss it on occasion but wouldn't move back. No regrets. I'm planning on visiting later this summer. The last time I was back I noticed how dirty things were, and the pathetic infrastructure like you mentioned. On top of that, as a software dev, there was hardly any decent opportunities in BR. DFW has a ton.
  15. http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/article_fc165952-3749-11e7-b7bf-b7ddf54f0dd2.html GONZALES — Ascension Parish officials say contractors are putting the final touches this month on the long-awaited sewer installation project required for the widening of La. 42 in Prairieville. But state officials said bids for the actual road construction work for La. 42 will be delayed by a month and, once the bid is let, work should start in the early fall on the two- to three-year project through northern Ascension's growing suburbs. I am so glad I don't have to rely on LA42 on a daily basis any longer. These 5 year road projects are ridiculous.
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