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  1. Good. They should go down to 20.
  2. TLN, As a homeowner in Ascension this happening will only benefit me. Many will leave as schools deteriorate. Many already have. This is a turning point for sure.
  3. How, it's closed. There is one on corporate that is very popular.
  4. Starbucks a few years ago went through a major contraction of their stores. I doubt they open a new one a few blocks away without closing the old one.
  5. There already is a starbucks at towncenter, or are they looking to relocate and add a drive thru?
  6. If Holden and the rest of BR was smart they would work to solve the issues the St George organizaters are fighting for. May be as part of being annexed into BR they can get a guarantee of a better school system. They could add benchmarks and if not met separate the school district. If everyone puts some skin in the game the residents in all areas will win. EBR doesn't realize it but if the Mall of LA is annexed and st george dies off it will benefit ascension and Livingston parish. People will vote with their feet.
  7. all2neat

    The Grove

    I wish the road in front of best buy connected to the service road. They could easily turn it into a true feeder road like Texas does.
  8. It is about schools but they also need businesses to get tax dollars to support their schools.
  9. All this opposition is just feeding the incorporation backers. I find the timing "funny" to all the bills wanting to change the rules. Obviously they are scared that this might actually pass.
  10. The issues I've heard of were all pretty minor. For example, someone ran up to an employee saying a guy passed out and asked to use his cell phone. So the employee did and the person ran away with the phone. No big deal Antrell. It was a simple misunderstanding.
  11. Yes, here: http://www.wafb.com/story/24841591/melrose-east-ranks-no-25-on-list-of-most-dangerous-neighborhoods-in-us The only reason why there are that many cops is due to an office they have in the facility, which will be moving to the old Women's Hospital. I'm not afraid of the area during normal business hours but at night it can be a bit sketcy, especially if you are not on the side that fronts Florida. Our employees have had minor incidents in the parking lot. It's a matter of time and someone will have something serious happen. I do feel if you cut this Bon Carre park and make it its own neighborhood that it would not fall on the worst 25 UW list but I don't think it would rank very high either due to Mall City being in the back yard of Bon Carre. This business complex is highly successful and something that should be modeled. I highly doubt I would have ever eaten at Tai Kitchen or the various places on Florida and Government if it weren't for working here.The whole area would be much worse off if this were a blighted old abandoned shopping mall. Depending on peoples point of view, especially politically, how things are phrased can determine people's perception on a statement. Politically speaking there has been a lot of rhetoric about the top 1%, mostly negative, the last few years. It's hard online to know what people mean so I think a few of us mistook wealthier as if it had a negative connotation to it. It sounds like your intent was to say in general the people commuting from Livingston through the area are typically of a better socioeconomic status than the residents that live around Cortana which I would tend to agree is an accurate assumption.
  12. Bon Marche is statisticly the 25th most dangerous neighborhood in the US. That is why "rich" people avoid the area. You have a 1 in 15 chance of being a victim of a violent crime. My wife hates the idea that I work there. For most of us its a get in and out. We don't hang around because we don't want to be a statistic.
  13. Louisiana does not typically build hov lanes. New Orleans is the most progressive city in the state and they have very few.
  14. I hope they set it up like the north texas toll authority does and have no toll booths. They capture your license plate and send you a bill once you hit $10. You can get a reduced rate by getting a toll tag. They bill per mile driven. If this were completed today, I would gladly pay the toll and cut 10 minutes off of my drive.
  15. Typically toll roads with feeder roads; the feeder roads have a much lower speed limit and the freeway has a much higher speed limit. For example 70mph vs 35mph with tons of lights.
  16. We went to the parade and had a good time.
  17. It's good to see progress. Can we get this thread renamed?
  18. Driver's is BR don't even know how to properly follow signs that tell them "DO NOT STOP" or what flashing yellow means.
  19. Just another reason not to support tifs for shopping development of land.
  20. The lanes will help 42 but hurt Airline IMO. It's not suburbs that are my problem but the lack and total disregard to planning in Ascension. If they political leaders had any vision it would be much better. I've lived on the west bank and St. Tammany in addition to living in West Texas and North Dakota. This area is the poorest planned and laid out I know of.
  21. In my case if I get behind the bus that goes by around 630 it is a 20 minute delay. Traffic behind it is typically a 2 mile long line. Its not just a couple minutes. Its taken me 10 minutes just to turn onto Hwy 42 because I was seconds too late.
  22. It will help. One of the biggest causes of backups are school busses stopping traffic on the road. Since it will be divided opposing traffic will not have to stop. In addition the turn lanes will make a big impact. I can't tell you how many times I've sat through two light sequences at LeBlanc's because someone has to go left. I drive from the 42/44 area to Bon Carre every day to work. I have a 45 minute drive. 20 of it is typically hwy42 which is about 4 of the 23 miles I drive each way. I go to work for 7am.
  23. It looks like the long awaited widening of LA42 is going to be started within the next month. http://theadvocate.com/home/8129684-125/long-awaited-work-on-la
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