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  1. We were thinking of moving to Dallas. That is probably what you were thinking of. That idea is not off the table but it's not something I'm pushing for either.
  2. That's only if St George incorporates.
  3. That's exactly right. We moved to escape the negative aspects of EBR to Ascension.
  4. The opponents are starting to organize and the onslaught of negative news almost daily. It's clear to see how the advocate feels about this topic. I still hope this happens. It will take about 5 years after St George is incorporated but it will become one of the best school districts in the state.
  5. No movement has been made at all as far as I know. At best it is on hold.
  6. If they incorporate my wife and I will very likely move from Ascension back to EBR to St. George. Having good competitive schools and the convenience of being "in the city" would be too much for us to pass by...The only reason we wouldn't would be if my work asks us to move.
  7. I hate to say I told you so but the Shell plant fell through. This would have been huge for Ascension. http://theadvocate.com/home/7767006-125/shell-wont-build-125-billion
  8. all2neat


    Mall of LA and Perkins rowe are part of st george I believe
  9. More accurately a Baton Rouge business man bought a company and then moved it here.
  10. Fact remains though that this is unincorporated land amd the residents are free to incorporate or not. They could allow themselves to be annexed into Baton Rouge proper or form their own city. To me this is a perfect example of why you annex land beyond where your residents live. This is something Louosiana is not good at.
  11. They have 2 years to back out. You never know what happens.
  12. I'm hoping for this also. Software devs in dallas make on average 100k to 110k where in br its more like 65k to 75k.
  13. Exactly. They incorporated for very similar reasons.
  14. If the mall of la is not incorporated they dont really have much choice. I would not worry about ascension or Livingston. People that go there are trying to get away from EBR. They could move to st. George now if they wanted and aren't.
  15. My particular job function is more common in the suburbs when it comes to the Dallas area in particular Plano. It's not to say I couldn't find that job downtown but financially speaking I could get just of good a job in the suburbs and live there also where the cost of living is cheaper.
  16. I know of several people who have the same feeling I have. Honestly, our next home will probably be in a northern Dallas suburb. I've requested to be transferred in about 12 to 18 months. I had several job offers in other areas but I decided to stay here for at least another year. Sadly the real estate market hasn't gone up so I don't quite have enough equity otherwise I would have possibly taken a different job.
  17. I asked DOTD if they had plans to fix this problem you state and they said no plans in the foreseeable future. That's great for people who have decent access to I10 but if you live east of Airline odds are you have crappy access to I10 so it would save this segment a ton of time. Even if they don't complete a loop and have a start/end point near Gonzales it would help a ton.
  18. I work in the tech park area off Florida but live off of hwy 42 in prairieville close to hwy42/hwy44. From my perspective (concerning daily commute) the biggest problem I face is Hwy 42 itself, Airline from Hwy 42 to Highland, and finally Airline Hwy around Parkview Baptist. These are the specifics of those problems. Hwy 42 from LA44 to Airline needs to be widened. This project is going to be started this fall with utility moves and then next summer they will start the road work. We are looking at probably a late 2016 or early 2017 completion date at best. The only fix is to add capacity (driving lanes) and turn lanes. At least this is being addressed. The second part is the school busses run during all parts of the morning. I've seen them out at 630 and I've seen them out at 730. Airline Hwy from LA42 to Highland. The true problem here starts with the light at LA73 in Prairieville. The issue is simple, they need more driving lanes. DOTD reworked the intersection at LA42 to include Jturns. I will say that it has helped traffic on 42 but made the problem on Airline worse. I still am curious as to what the effects will be when school starts. Between LA42 and Old Perkins the road is already widened however since it's only a mile they have it stripped as turn lanes. The other main issue with this part of the road is Highland. They have to make the light sequence stay green long enough to help highland out between LA73 and Airline. It's a short distance of about half a mile however it's a three lane road (1 each direction + 1 center turn lane). This road stacks very badly so the light for them stays green longer then it should causing traffic to backup on Airline. I know DOTD will never put an overpass here but it would be the best outcome. They also should and hopefully will add an extra driving lane to this short segment of highland. Airline Hwy around Parkview is just a matter of two-four laned roads merging into each other with only two continuous lanes. They need to have airline be 4 lanes for the stretch of road that is shared with HWY73. Northbound is almost always stacked morning and evening. The southbound left turn lanes onto Jefferson have a very long green light (which it needs) but this causes the north bound lanes to stack. My wife and I for our next house are considering moving back to EBR just to avoid 1 & 2. There are still good areas in EBR and our low satisfaction primarily stems from traffic and lack of planning in Ascension parish. The only thing that keeps us is the fact that Ascension has really good schools. Livingston also has decent schools so we may decide to move a little further north but I don't think in 2 years we will be living in Ascension parish. I know several of our neighbors are very unhappy with the area and would move back to EBR if it weren't for the schools. Some have said screw it and moved anyway and are paying for private school if they can afford to.
  19. Why airline is simple. It would become a viable alternate route. People who live in northern ascension would use it on a daily basis. I realize it will never happen. The least dotd could do is add a couple lanes to airline.
  20. Living in Prairieville I support making airline a freeway from I10 to 110. You can cross the river into WBR if you want to loop it back with I10. I also support making Florida a freeway past walker. Between these two changes you get the benefits of a loop while working with an existing route to minimize land acquisitions.
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