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  1. We were a sponsor and provided the pace car for that event Peugeot 405 Mi16. It was a rain out unfortunately, I think they just sprinted down 1st Ave to Broadway. https://www.dropbox.com/s/u0hgvp9t2ytymq7/Peugeot Pace Car 1988.png?dl=0
  2. Thanks Mark, lots of interesting info. The city is filling out. Beginning to really feel like a city.
  3. Is there information somewhere on the Voorhees building on 8th - - "Somera Project" noticed they are taking out the brick - love the columns inside.
  4. Looks like the one the city put on their $35m KVB property.
  5. Weather looks to be spectacular, breezy and relatively cool especially in the shade which there is fair amount.
  6. I believe there is a Jazz band that starts at 8. Just an FYI. Parking is 505 6th Ave South between what used to be Enterprise and our shop - parking directly across from the venue / Peabody is not available so don't get booted over there.
  7. You are up pretty early. This is awesome space and they were able to replace those southern wall enclosures with windows which happened or went through the historic folks because they (Hastings) found some early plans that showed windows in all those openings / areas.
  8. yes, those are among the other reasons the airport was named for her. And now that I think about it, her father was Dudley Fort.
  9. No, I don't think they had any affiliation with the airport in fact was completely against his daughter getting her pilot's license. The airport was named after her for among other reasons it was located on the former farm they owned. Mr. Fort was possibly more notably known as one of the founders of National Life and Accident, the company that built what is now called the Tennessee Building.
  10. Pretty sure that was the old Medical School started by Rufus Fort or his father. I can't remember the particular names but his daughter was Cornelia Fort. ... and yes it was torn down for the Lafayette Street project which I think was done after WWII.
  11. Everything in KY combined! Interesting though, I visited Louisville a month or so ago and they are really working the Bourbon / Whiskey thing as a tourist draw with Brown Forman and others developing distilleries downtown.
  12. One only needs to do business with one and then the other to know BoA is no longer needed. Anyone visited a BoA branch anywhere in the city and not had to stand in line? I'm a Pinnacle convert after almost 30 years with BoA and their predecessors. I can't imagine who they consider their customers these days.
  13. Well maybe the Eaton property didn't sell, They sent me a sale flyer today
  14. Understand both of these recently sold, along with Dandquires and the lot next to the Beech Company project on 6th.
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