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  1. Some super-size panoramics from the Food Lion Auto Fair at Lowe's Motor Speedway today.
  2. Here is an update from this evening from a slightly different angle than the one atlrvr had posted. Its from the balcony at Time Warner Cable Arena.
  3. Not the best quality since its from my phone but still pretty none the less.
  4. Carolina Raptor Center Carolina Balloon Fest I have many more shots from both places on my website. http://www.stedaliimaging.com
  5. Haha my thoughts exactly. woo hoo more floors.
  6. That is a good shot there of the skyline to show just about the true height of Wachovia. It looks like the center core is only about 3 floors away from the top since the last known height of the tower was right in between Hearst and Bank of America.
  7. DjStedali

    The Vue

    I think you knew it was only a matter of time till someone photoshopped something into one of your images. Had some fun with the ground level home plate shot. Like to point out I love how this stadium would turn out if it was positioned this way, especially night games. Would look fantastic and I can see why that one guy would want a Major League team here the stadium and placement alone would draw people in but like we've all said before not just yet lets build it and get our Knights a great place to play.
  8. Drove by the building today and if I remember correctly they only have one floor of glass to hang on the west side of the building which is the side facing us in the picture InitialD took above.
  9. They should have just saved the money and not hired that stupid consultant. Obviously he may know how to run a business but clearly not in the tourism industry. This summer they should have made prime profits to start paying off those loans considering the vacation trend this year was to stay close to home. Family's money not spent on long distance vacations were spent on local attractions. Like you said tozmervo "I suppose the usual word of mouth "I had a BLAST... but its really effing expensive" isn't helping them." this was clearly the breaker. The idea for families was not to go on lo
  10. If they are going to stack any trains at all it is going to disrupt service regardless. You have your two doubles at whichever station you need and then just let them coast all the way down to I-485. The one that reaches the end first unloads and immediately jets back down the line to its normal service. The other waits at the final station and begins its normal routine after its 5 minute wait or whatever the time limit may be at that time. You therefore knocked out 4 cabs worth of I-485 traffic in one shot which can be quite a big chunk if the cram in like they did during Speed Street. I
  11. Probably one of the better ways to handle it on the Blue Line is to maybe have a little stacking, except that the first two trains go straight down the line from uptown to I-485, they don't stop anywhere else. From what I've been reading over the past few months especially during Speed Street that majority of the traffic was from the I-485 station. Just get two full doubles to take the initial rush of these people straight down the line. And then after those two you start the flow of the station to station traffic. It would be interesting to see how much people would pay attention to such
  12. Thanks for explaining it to me and wow that definitely is an exceptional benefit to the buyer. Seems quite a big risk for the developing company to offer the ability to cancel especially if you start sales after the building is just about done. Wish I had the money now to make the mortgage payment each month for I would definitely be in this place. Soon enough.
  13. Well the thing that sets Catalyst apart from other buildings is that this place is already built. What are they going to do, have all the contracts get canceled and leave a vacant building? Unlike The Park where people bought contracts before it was built and it now goes belly up and everyone can cancel. I'm not too familiar with how the selling of condos work but I wouldn't think Catalyst would even give new buyers the option to cancel the contract even if they don't sell 50% considering the fact it is already built and your space awaits you. Maybe someone can enlighten me quickly on
  14. DjStedali

    The Vue

    I don't recall, was there ever a mention of a 3rd crane later in the project? Neither one of these cranes look to be self raising like over at Wachovia.
  15. DjStedali

    The Vue

    I can't believe how much they are zipping along on this project. If it is true that they will be adding glass to each floor as they go up, it will definitely be amazing. The blue should look spectacular on our skyline once it gets above the tree line.
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