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  1. My kingdom if nothing is ever named "Fusion" again as long as I live.
  2. The Bear Burger is pretty mondo, but its in Pentwater, wherever that is.
  3. Thanks, John, I look forward to these photos. All I can see when I ride by is ground level.
  4. This Saturday, Local First Street Party in front of Bistro Bella Vita. 4 pm to Midnight, Local Beers, Bands, Food... www.localfirst.com
  5. Yeah, where's "maneoner" when you actually need him/her?
  6. Wealthy Street bridge over the River is open. It doesn't look completely done, but it's open.
  7. Had my wedding reception there. Great facility. Good time, good sound, good kitchen.
  8. I talked to the kid who lives there (apparently), and he said it will open back up as soon as it gets fixed up. That was about all I got out of him. I wasn't going to grill him.
  9. Studio 28 was a great place to see a flick...until the punks took over with the yelling and throwing of Milk Duds.
  10. Exactly, I used to be able to blast down Fulton from the library to the railroad tracks on my bike...now there's two or three stops. Oh, the pain of it all...
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