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  1. Sheesh! sorry ...that was HUUUUGE #$%^$ newbies! happy bday anyway- hope it was fun
  2. HaPpY bIrThDaY ! here is a present ( at least that's what the url says)
  3. Heya- Um yeh- duh- you do have to die to get a Darwin Award- and sorry about this- but with that level of lack in the self-presvtn mode- i hate to say but it seems the guy is pretty much done for. not that i wish him any worse than what he's got already- geez-
  4. OT as it is A nomination is due, to the The Darwin Awards
  5. ...Manchester morphed with Richmond in 1910. "On August 15, 1905, the Manchester Board of Aldermen passed a resolution that a committee meet with another from the City of Richmond regarding a union of the two cities, under the name "City of Richmond." The council was insistent that the court house for the south side of the new city be retained at its Hull Street location and that the present judges and clerks be kept for this area. The City of Richmond was also to provide $40,000 for street improvements, in view of the fact that citizens would be paying Richmond taxes. J.S. Wakefield, p
  6. http://www.inrich.com/cva/ric/news.apx.-co...02-20-0139.html Henrico, VA: 'There is no such place' did anybody read the hoopla written in in response to williams' article? if people only stood up in meetings and said what they thought! I guess they do- they just get 'shot down' over and over and wear out. it's sad
  7. Richmond Times Dispatch Wednesday, Feb 20, 2008 - 12:08 AM http://www.inrich.com/cva/ric/news.apx.-co...02-20-0139.html Henrico, VA: 'There is no such place' "....I'd rather just stay Richmond," said Ken Thomas, a Short Pump resident. "There is no such place as Henrico, VA. It's a county. I identify with the Richmond community." He's mystified at the county's argument that it's losing tax revenue. "The address should drive that, not the name of the city." He sees no benefit in changing his address to Henrico, VA. "If you change anything, change it to Short Pump," he said.
  8. harsh! (you could get booted by an 'admin-bot' for that fLAme!) dude- some people LIVE there nonetheless.. people are people. it looks like -223 is in Varina west of S. Laburnum.. think about why areas would/wouldn't be 'chosen', you would think it would be all or nothing. + also that it was written that a poll would decide the outcome. are you in one of those zips? would you choose H or R ? ...and these are the lines drawn in the sand as HC wipes telltale drool from their chins while the cutlery is sharpened over the entree called varina...
  9. MORRRE fun with maps check it out: http://www.usnaviguide.com/zip.htm Touted as "The Most Accurate Free USPS Zip Code Map Anywhere!" verrry nteresstink! never really checked any of these out before.. you'd really have to look at a 'district map' to get close enough in to see the lines..but, you say 23250, Cadeho? Is that the zip solely used by RIC? 'cause the map looks to have 23150, 23231, 23223 in the varina district, and... isn't 23075 also partially in varina? what's this "23223 and I believe 23222" being "shot down" ? hard to see how the county can select
  10. ... ever heard of the david rumsey map collection? i always forget where the #$*&* search feature is- but you can search by city or county.. the maps are amAzing, show old roads, rr's ,etc. there's a michie map from the 1860's of richmond and surrounds that was done by cartogs in balloons. l almost looks like a photo. also the lib. of congress 'american memory' online
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