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  1. Good news, yes ... but to get there will involve time-consuming connections in either Baltimore or Chicago Midway in order to get there. American remains the only carrier flying nonstop to LGA; Continental is nonstop to Newark; Delta is nonstop to JFK. Glad to see that Southwest's daily nonstops from BNA to both Seattle & Oakland will resume again next month.
  2. A press release from Southwest Airlines said that the daily nonstops between Nashville and Seattle and Oakland will be resumed effective May 9, 2009. Apparently both are to be temporarily discontinued in January and resumed in May. I've flow both sectors and they have always been full flights. It is really convenient to have these nonstops to Seattle and the San Francisco Bay area; far easier than a connection.
  3. For the vast majority of people I know, Charlotte, NC is just a mid-sized city located somewhere in NC between Atlanta and Washington, D.C. Many don't even seem to know exactly where in NC it is geographically situated -- some even think it is right next to the Raleigh and are surprised when they discover it is right on the border with South Carolina. Charlotte has grown a great deal in the past decade and is very similar to other upcoming cities in the South such as Nashville. None of them are Atlanta, thank God! When I think of Charlotte, NC I think of NASCAR, Billy Graham, and an airport where I sometimes change planes.
  4. Bravo! Very well-stated reply...exactly what I mean about moderator Monsoon's continuing high-handed postings on this topic. Indeed, Monsoon (from Charlotte) always seems to have a negative viewpoint about Signature Tower as if there some sort of wish to see it fail. That is what I mean about it being shocking that is from a UP moderator who most certainly won't be banned for the post. I would expect better commentary from a moderator. Where are the Nashville moderators?
  5. This is suprising commentary coming from a "moderator" of Urban Planet. The tone of this particulat moderator's posts have been generally negative on this particular project for a long while. I think we would expect more balanced and objective commentary in the moderation.
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