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  1. let's be honest.....Yes. I live in NYC and I have pretty much for the bulk of my life, minus the time in the 757, but don't you want to say "bam!!!! in yo face comparable metros.....we have a train!!!!! ...aight...going back to my nyc subway that has been shutdown for reasons involving Hurricane Irene..
  2. I'm usually with you on a lot of topics but can't co sign the "felony" thing for defacing transit property, and harassing transit employees. I can understand the assault part being a felony but seriously, vandalism and harassment are crimes that I don't feel should follow you for the rest of your life! I can't count how many people would be locked up in NYC alone if harassing the bus driver was a felony offense! Other than that, I think it's safe to say that vandalism in Norfolk is relatively low when compared to other metros comparable in size and it's not because of Norfolk's great graf
  3. This is gonna be great for Norfolk! A power move
  4. damn. that sux. The video was pretty cool though. So now their are delays on the shipment of safety equipment? Wow. What won't beat delayed? I was reading a lot of the comments made on the delay from the link you provided. Its amazing to me how many people know what they evidently don't want but can't seem to think of an alternative. What blows me even more is the amount of knowledge they seem to have for why it Lightrail is a bad idea but absolutely nothing when it comes to alternatives. Who are these people????
  5. That is going to be very interesting for that block. I can't wait to check it out. Hopefully it will have Wifi too.
  6. Wow. That last sentence is kinda a catch 22.
  7. I would really like to catch up with you before you leave. I strongly believe we can make some serious moves together. I'll try facebook As far as the train thing. I do believe a rugged test would be better. Kinda like, if it could work in the snow, it can work anywhere. But that isn't necessarily true when considering that heat also has effect on trains and tracks. Two test would be best but they could just go and check out some of the other systems in different cities with weather systems that differ from one another.
  8. Yeah. It's pretty sad. All and all, I just really hope the city has plans on upgrading the stops as soon as possible. I understand that money is low and some, if not most, larger cities in the USA don't even have a rail system, but does this mean that Norfolk should settle for less for that reason alone. I don't believe so and I intend on making a point of it. Who's with me?
  9. Funny, when I mentioned that, no one gave a rat's #$% and shot me down for not just being happy that it was built at all. Honesyly homeslice, I'm just assuming Norfolk has plans on upgrading the stations in the coming years and this is just for "starters." But I do intend on finding out because those things look worst than most of the bus stops actually. What's funny about it is that even in the planning stages, this is what they envisioned. It's not even like their was a plan that included better stations but it had to be downgraded. Actually, maybe their were plans that I just didn't se
  10. nice pics! I just added you on facebook, btw
  11. your site is really impressive. I really wanna connect with you. I think we can get some things accomplished. How do I reach you?
  12. I agree with that urbanlife. I believe a lot of the leaders in this city have been attempting, lately, to achieve some sort of rebirth of the "ole days". It's a trend. Ironically, a lot of the newer designs are disliked by most elders I speak with. They don't want to see Norfolk how it used to be. They want to see it better! Like most trends, this will fade out, hopefully. But I do believe we should make more of a point of voicing it to the powers at hand. "Who's with me?!"
  13. oh yeah, Glassgow......If I recall correctly, those were the designs for the stations well before the budget was blown. Nice try homie but that 40% info is new. Those designs were the "goal."
  14. Very good observation N4L! I thought the same thing.
  15. I had lunch there a couple of days ago. Glad to see them here. Want a downtown location too though
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